Aristide Says He Intends to Return to Haiti

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Michel Nau_

Aristide Says He Intends to Return to Haiti

Post by Michel Nau_ » Wed Feb 22, 2006 10:37 am

Aristide Says He Intends to Return to Haiti

Democracy Now, Public Radio, Feb. 22, 2006

In his first public comments since the election of his former protégé Rene Preval, ousted Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide said he would like to return home as soon as possible. Aristide has been living in temporary exile in South Africa for most of the period since his ouster nearly two years ago. Aristide indicated he intended to stay out of politics, saying QUOTE: "I will continue to teach as I did before my first election as President… I always knew that when I was elected my mandate would come to an end. My mandate ended and that is that.”

Michel Nau_

Post by Michel Nau_ » Wed Feb 22, 2006 11:21 am

Aristide said:[quote] “I always knew that when I was elected my mandate would come to an end. [/quote]
No kidding! Really!! Nobody thought about that!!
Nevertheless, it's his right as a Haitian citizen to come back to his motherland country, Haiti.

How is he going to do it?
I don't have any idea.
Last time 1994, the situation was different. Aristide went to exile after a military coup. He returned as a head of state, and it took a lot of public relation, protests, and supports from all over the world for this event to happen.

The whole process took 3 years and about 50,000 US Marines.

This time 2006, and realistically speaking, and without BS and fanaticism etc.. the people need to know the true about this situation that is completely different, his enemies are different, and it will take him more than
one way airplane ticket to bring him back.

Taking the streets and asking for his return will not be enough. It will depend on how well Preval will do during his first few months in office.
Otherwise Preval may end up somewhere playing cards with Aristide and talking about the good old days.

How Haitian people's greeting is going to be this time?
One could expect that it is going to be a mixed reaction.

Let's hope for the better.


Michel Nau_

Post by Michel Nau_ » Wed Feb 22, 2006 5:14 pm

Jaf wrote: [quote]More than that, the extra-ordinary pan-African solidarity we saw expressed over the past 2 years shall continue to be expressed, as Haiti seeks peace and justice for her people.[/quote]

What!!! Extra-ordinary pan-African solidarity!!
When? How? Who?
None of these African countries heads of state came in to celebrate with Haiti her 200 years of independence, none except one, Thabo Mbeki.
And his visit had a double purpose, to sale weapons, and riot gears to the Aristide's government.

What extra-ordinary pan-African solidarity are you talking about, my “brother”?

The Latino countries have shown more solidarity with the Haitian people!
If you want to talk about Africa, you need to start from the beginning and to tell the true that those people sold us wholesale to the white men that were waiting at seashore.

Some of ours ancestors ha
d rather be enslaved by the white man than to be maltreated by hi own brothers.
Even now, 2006, the legacy of mistreatment continues. Ours brothers and sisters are escaping the mother land, and taking high sea by the thousands to go to Florida.

You need to tell the true, and the true will set you free Jaf.
You need to go deep, and very deep to our problems that started way back there and not putting the blame on the white man alone.
Our behavior has something to do with our poverty, and we need to step forward and acknowledge it instead of shifting the blame on someone with a lighter skin color.

It's preposterous.

Jaf wrote:[quote]I can see Brother President Thabo Mbeki, walk President Aristide to the black plane 8) waiting to lift him and his family from Azania (South-Africa) to AYITI. Hand in hand with Mepriyis Oranis, Fransiyis Ogis, and Lila Desquiron, we shall see standing tall and proud, sister Maxine
Waters, Brothers Randall Robinson, Danny Glover and so many more greeting this return to normalcy in Haiti.[/quote]

Wololoy se bel bagay 8) !!!!

Jaf ou blye ajoute ke ou kap we bel ti zwezo kap chante, bel papiyon kap vole, e mesye sa yo ap mache sou ou kapet de fleurs, e Aristide chita sou ou bel unicorn chwal blan, lorye fey d'olive sou tet misye, lakansyel ap brye anle tet tout moun ki abye tou de blan avek branch palmis nan min yo e ap bat bwavo.
Ala ou bel bagay se le ti neg pran reve je kale. Se ou bokit dlo fret pou'm ta voye sou Jaf pou'l reveye min zanmi!!

Oh Jaf!!!!! Jaf my brother!! Please wake up!!
Please tell the Haitian people the true!!!
You are living in a world of fantasy!!
Just like you and I, Aristide is jut an ordinary citizen now.
Why all this modus operandi?

Please be realistic my brother!!!


Ezili Danto
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True and truth

Post by Ezili Danto » Wed Feb 22, 2006 8:34 pm

Who is this new writer? Which "Agent Smith" are you?

Where's the other Michelnau. If whatcha replicating folks say is all "true", then how come the truth you talk didn't touch the Haitian masses, Nau?

Taking a rest. I understand. You will all need it. No more special effects spin can mask true and truth. Especially if y'all planning the next sequel, trying to make it a trilogy - "Washington Chimères Reloaded", huh? Remember what happened to the drone agents and in the movie, Michelnau?

Vini non.

Ever heard the words: graceful retreat?

Try seeing it on a big WIDESCREEN.

Ezili Danto
A defender of a safe homeland and the biblical ZION

PS. You missed the real blockbuster, cheri. It was playing on all the channels on Feb. 7, 2006. Get someone to make you a DVD or tape of it. Information is POWER, they say.


Post by Gelin_ » Thu Feb 23, 2006 10:13 am

According to the New York Times,

[quote]Political opponents of Mr. Aristide's, and several foreign diplomats, have made clear to Mr. Préval that they do not want Mr. Aristide to return...

More: ... haiti.html [/quote]

Michel Nau_

Post by Michel Nau_ » Thu Feb 23, 2006 5:07 pm

Arisride said: “Preval owns me my return.”
Mr. Aristide declared in an interview that Preval is his president and the poor voted him for his return. He has begun sending messages that he would like to return home. In a televised appearance in South Africa on Wednesday, Mr. Aristide said he looked forward to returning to Haiti "as soon as possible," and said he would consult with Mr. Préval about an appropriate time.

Mr. Aristide said yesterday that:"I am ready to end what I called an unconstitutional exile, but the timing of my return is up to Mr. Preval, and I expect to hear soon when I could return home. "

The date of my return will emerge from consultations" among Mr. Preval, the United Nations, the Caribbean Community and his ho
st, the South African government, he said. When asked whether he had spoken to Mr. Preval, Mr. Aristide said, "It's a private issue."

In his first news conference since being declared president of Haiti last week, René Préval kept up the mystery swirling around the possible return from exile of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, saying : "My position is simple. Article 41 of the Constitution stipulates that no Haitian needs a visa to leave his country, or to return to it."

Marc Basin who ran under Lavalas and with one of his promises that he will have Aristide returned said that “Preval's victory released me from this huge load off my back”. How he is going to handle it, remains the big question, said Bazin.

Mr. Préval, a protégé of Mr. Aristide, the president-elect has tried, since he began running for a new term in office, to distance himself from Mr. Aristid
e by forming his own political party and surrounding himself with advisers known as opponents to Mr. Aristide.

Aristide said: My return will emerge from consultations" among Mr. Preval, the United Nations, the Caribbean Community and his host, the South African government,

Preval said: My position is simple. Article 41 of the Constitution stipulates that no Haitian needs a visa to leave his country, or to return to it." This declaration is a little bit fuzzy. This comment didn't show any strong commitment and protection toward Aristide's return, and could easily be interpreted as” Ou pa bezwen rete tand signal mwen! Peyi a se pa ou! Ou gen dwa tounin si ou vle e le ou vle! But don't expect me to give you a signal about when you could do it. The protocol about his return is not clear.

The Caribbean Community along with his host, the South African government is not a done deal yet. It is more likely that the South African government wi
ll not allow him to leave if they don't know his destination.

If Aristide plans to transit in Jamaica again, the Prime Minister of Jamaica Mr. Paterson will be under pressure again from the State Department telling him that accepting Aristide may create destabilization in the region.

The next option available for Aristide is more likely to be Venezuela. He was there before, and with the government of Hugo Chavez, this place could be the last save heaven for Aristide, as a pariah, and closer to home.

Several foreign diplomats have made clear to Mr. Préval that they do not want Mr. Aristide to return, because that could start a new round of unrest in Haiti. The UN Peacekeeping force in Haiti is costing the member nations more than 1/2 billion dollars on their treasury fund so far.

Under those pressures from all angles, what is next for Preval to do?
In his short press conference, he outlined his first 2 priorities. 1) Rebuild strong infrastructures of public institutions. 2) Pr
omote foreign investments, and I must add 3) be the president of all Haitians, and do the right thing.

Would President Preval sacrifice the social and economic future of 8 millions Haitians to satisfy one man's ego?

This remains to be seen!
An'n gade pou'm we!!


Michel Nau_

Post by Michel Nau_ » Mon Mar 13, 2006 5:30 pm

Makendal wrote:[quote]What preval Is Not Saying:
You may return, Mr. Ex-President, for that is your right...but beware that there are violations and violations of the constitutution that you may have to answer to. How you answer them will not be up to me but to a court of law. [/quote]
Don't worry about that, Makendal!
Aristide has a team of lawyers ready to defend him; some of them will do it pro bono. In addition, and if I am not mistaking, his wife is an experienced and an Ivy League law school graduate.
Putting all political vendettas aside against Aristide, one must step forward with concrete evidence. If someone has litigations against him, he may say bring them on!
Makendal wrote:[quote]In my opinion, Aristide's return should not be eminent. preval should be allowed to do what he has set out to do without having to worry about the destabilization of a possible remerging society and political infrastructure. If Preval does well and is as transparent and sincere/savvy...he may have a chance at a second term (too soon to tell) but he should not invite a wolf back into the barn when he has chicken running around without heads.[/quote]
According to the Haitian Constitution, Aristide is free to coming back at any time to his home where he belongs!
Makendal, my opinion is sooner than later, Aristide has to come back. Preval doesn't have to worry about destabilization of his government.
What Preval needs to worry about is that he has 5 years to bring LESPWA as a true political party.
He needs to build leadership and successorship in order for LESPWA to have major leaders and contenders in year 2011.

Right now, nobody knows who the top political leaders of this party are. Who are they? We have 5 years to know if this party is for real, and those leaders need to come out from the closet and positioning themselves soon.
Who from this young party will step forward after Preval last term in office?
Is it too soon to tell?
What we may sure have, if Aristide is back, he will rebuild his LAVALAS party and get ready for 2011 this time with his wife as presidential candidate. Why not?? Anything could happen!!
Between LESPWA and LAVALAS in 2011 elections, one could expect this time a photo finish. In this case, a second tour could be really exhilarating.
Sooner or later Haitian people will start singing?

Don't cry for Aristide, Haiti!
The truth is he never left you
All through he wild days
his mad existence
He kept his promise.
Don't keep your distance

And as for fortune, and as for fame
He never invited them in
Though it seems to the world they were all he desired
They are illusions
They're not the solutions they promised to be
The answer was here all the time
I love you and hope you love me..

It's so romantic... :(

Michel :D

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Post by admin » Mon Mar 13, 2006 6:05 pm

Michel, that's funny. I have to say, the new Michel writes a heck of a lot better than the old Michel. He appears to be much less chimeric too and a lot more analytical. And for icing on the cake, the new Michel is funny too.

I am beginning to really appreciate the new Michel. How long will he stick around, though? The thought of the old Michel (whose "voye monte's" are numerous in our archives) coming back makes me nervous. Give him my regards and tell him that you are handling the job just fine. He can prolong his well-deserved vacation as long as he wants.

[quote]Don't cry for Aristide, Haiti!
The truth is he never left you
All through he wild days
his mad existence
He kept his promise.
Don't keep your distance.[/quote]

Funny beyond words. Stay a while, man, and keep your homonyms at bay. We could be having some serious fun, pretty soon.

All my best,

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Post by admin » Thu Mar 16, 2006 10:48 pm

Remind me, who are Tierry Buchard and Kenneth Cook?

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