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Presidential results: strange discrepancies

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 4:27 am
by Charles Arthur
Charles Arthur writes:
Who can explain the presidential election results when just a brief look at the results published by the CEP turns up the following strange discepancies?

In the Grand Anse:
In the commune of Pestel
Guy Philippe 71%
Preval 13%

In the neighbouring commune of Roseaux
Preval 56%
Philippe 4%

In the South-East:
In the commune of Cote de Fer
Preval 33%
Charles Baker 21%
Paul Denis 11%
Serge Gilles 10%

In the neighbouring commune of Bainet
Preval 56%
Baker 12%
Gilles 3%
Denis 2%

In the West, where the island of La Gonave is divided into two communes:
Pointe a Raquettes
Preval 45%
Leslie Manigat 16%
Chavanes Jeune 8%

Anse a Gallets
Manigat 32%
Preval 26%
Jeune 12%

In the Artibonite:
In the commune of Terre Neuve
Manigat 22%
Baker 20%
Gilles 13%
Preval 8%

In the neighbouring commune of Gros Morne
Preval 28%
Baker 25%
Manigat 10%
Mesadieu 10%
Denis 1%

Guy Philippe hails from Pestel

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 11:23 am
by Charles Arthur
I am informed that Guy Philippe hails from Pestel, and that this would explain his strong showing there and weak showing elsewhere.

Any other explanations?