No DEAL elected Rene Preval, The people of Haiti elected him

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No DEAL elected Rene Preval, The people of Haiti elected him

Post by Ezili Danto » Thu Feb 16, 2006 7:50 pm

Haiti's election crisis was made in Washington but transformed by the people of Haiti:

HLLN questions MINUSTHA's credibility, OAS's credibility, Washington's credibility and their allies' credibility, willingness and ability to legitimately support and safeguard the people's landslide mandate to President Rene Preval


1. NO DEAL ELECTED RENE PREVAL, THE PEOPLE OF HAITI ELECTED PRESIDENT RENE PREVAL and now its been firmly DECLARED by the de facto authorities at the CEP

HLLN takes this opportunity to remind the world that no “deal” elected President Preval.

President Preval was elected by the people of Haiti, not by a "deal" brokered by the international community led by Brazil, not by 51.15% which we know the opposition will soon be
calling a “slight lead.” No. President Preval won legally and by a LANDSLIDE as all can see who have eyes in their heads, who check the tally sheets before they got to the CEP tabulation center and who take a look at the long, long lines going out to vote for Preval and who have been in the streets since to make sure their votes were not negated by the US-supported illegal authorities.

President Preval won by a landslide that was being fraudulently cut down because of MASSIVE FRAUD by the illegal authorities running the show in Haiti. Those are the facts. The CEP's tabulations is the farce requiring questioning, not the people's landslide mandate to Rene Preval.

A February 16, 2006, New York Times article, by Ginger Thompson, entitled "A Deal Is Reached to Name a Victor in Haiti's Election" states: [quote]"The official from the Organization of American States, who insisted on anonymity because of the fragile nature of the agreement, said
that loopholes in Haitian electoral law allow the government to discard an estimated 85,000 blank ballots included in the original tally. By excluding them, Mr. Préval's lead would increase from 48.7 percent of the votes to slightly more than 51 percent." (Emphasis Added)[/quote]

HLLN has already outlined those "loopholes," for the world, in our report, dated February 14, 2006, entitled "HLLN report on Haitian Election Laws." ( ... 00012.html )

In said HLLN analysis of the election laws, HLLN articulated the Haitian people's legal and moral right to have all their votes COUNTED. We explain how blank votes had never been counted before. We explain how the people of Haiti exhibited too much fervor to vote for the leader of their choice due to the two-years coup d'etat repressions, sacrificed too much to get in
those long lines, to then cast almost 5% as blank votes. We pointed out that voided and unused votes could have easily been recorded as blank votes. We examine the law that covers blank votes and stated:[quote] ..... Article 185 is ambivalent and could be argued to both allow and deny the counting of blank votes. It leaves a lot of room for manipulation and massive fraud. For instance, the rule that “Blank ballots are validated and counted” seems to contradict and negate the rule that “Ballots where the Bureau can't identify the elector's intention or political will are declared void” and vice versa. Thus, if the candidate you want to win is ahead, you don't count the blank votes and that is legal according to Article 185. Also, if the candidate you don't want to win is ahead, you COUNT the votes, and that too appears legal. Point is, if ballots where the voter's intention is not clear are considered "null", and thus not counted, how can the authorities count blank ballots? How can they
say that a blank ballot clearly indicates a voter's intention? This is PRECISELY why today, in the streets of Haiti, the people are saying these elections were RIGGED in favor of the Group 184/CEP-members political party affiliations to begin with!..... [/quote]

The people's voice was duly heard this morning, February 16, 2006, as "officially" confirmed and declared when Max Mathurin announced (notice it wasn't the extra-extra-illegal Jacques Bernard who made the announcement) that Rene Preval had won the elections on the first round!

Ayibobo. Ayibobo. Ayibobo.

HLLN congratulates the people of Haiti for their vigilance, for the huge sacrifices they made in order to vote, for remaining mobilized, even after they had cast their votes, unlike for instance, the voters in Ohio or Florida, and for absolutely refusing to allow their votes to be stolen by high tech computer or tabulation maneuvers. A GREAT PEOPLE they are indeed and without peer in struggling for their own
civil, human and cultural rights in this hostile American Mediterranean. Chapo ba pèp Ayisyen, chapo ba. Ayibobo!

This being said, HLLN also encourages further investigation into the role of CEP staff members in the attempt to swing the election away from Rene Preval's outright victory and an investigation of the role of MINUSTHA in the security or lack thereof, and with respect to electoral fraud, especially in terms of the ballots found smoldering at the garbage dump in Truitier. Why is HLLN requesting an investigation of MINUSTHA's role? Well, because HLLN and everyone else, in-the-know about Haitian issues, and who is not being obtuse, EXPECTED the interim government to try and commit fraud and try to maintain the power grab of the bi-centennial coup d'etat for the Haitian bourgeoisie and their foreign interests through these elections.

However, a great many sincere people still regard the UN as credible. And, besides, they are impinging on Haitian sovereignty and being PAID millions p
er month as "peacekeepers."

Thus, it is beyond the pale to countenance their involvement in electoral fraud in Haiti.

All efforts must be made to get to the bottom of this and quickly. Otherwise, how is the newly elected President of Haiti to rely on these troops to buttress, shore-up and support, without prejudice or bias, the transition to Rene Preval or, to provide real police security and stability with equal treatment afforded to ALL the peoples of Haiti, no matter their wealth or political leanings, in accordance with Haitian and international laws?

2. CEP HAS NO AUTHORITY TO COUNT, RE-COUNT OR EXAMINE BALLOTS IN THE FIRST PLACE (The exception comes in after declaring a winner and if a credible complaint has been duly received.)

HLLN publicly pointed out, explained and detailed the blank vote "loopholes", but what's MORE IMPORTANT, and should not be disregarded, as we all celebrate the people's victory, is th
at, as HLLN also was the first to point out, the CEP is not authorized, to be COUNTING, sorting or examining or re-examining cast ballots at its "tabulation center" in Port au Prince. Not according to their own electoral laws. (See, HLLN Report on Haitian Election Laws, Feb. 14, 2006 - the CEP is no authority to COUNT or EXAMINE ballots, this is left to the polling stations.


HLLN demanded that the CEP STOP re-examining, determining, counting or sorting the ballots cast in the Feb. 7, 2006 election, including determining "blank" and "null" votes and do its job, which is simply to COMPILE the ballot tally sheets and add the totals already on the sheets. Then declare a winner. If there's a protest, then on the basis of said protests, that's when the CEP would come in with dispute resolution. This is a critical point, because it was not the CEP that made Rene Preval a winn
er in Haiti. The CEP's function was ONLY to add the tally sheets, as given them. The tally sheets as given them showed clearly that Rene Preval had won the election.

Any controversy, according to their own laws, would have had to be taken into account, after they had processed the tally sheets. Again, clearly the tally sheets locally published showed Rene Preval as the WINNER hands-down in these elections. It was the CEP's venture into examining ballots, deciding or re-examing blank votes, not to mention the discovery of boxes of ballots and tally sheets from Carrefour-Feuilles and Abricots stashed in a "secret place", and other hidden boxes of ballots and tally sheets, from other areas, found hidden by CEP staff that were mostly votes for Preval, whose totals were not included in the 48.7% for Preval and the thousands upon thousands of stolen and burnt votes that has led to these charges of massive fraud and illegal activity on the part of the CEP. (See, AHP report dated Feb. 15, 2006, co
pied below)

Thus, again, neither the CEP nor the international community DECIDED for Rene Preval by some "agreement" or "compromise." The people of Haiti, by a majority of the votes, VOTED for Rene Preval and are solely responsible for his victory. A victory, which the CEP clearly seemed to have tried to minimize and even negate by seemingly counting as blank votes ballots that were voided-blank-ballots not used by the polling places, and by losing custody of ballot and tally sheets, by re-examing the cast ballots, blank ballots, null ballots and tally sheets, in contravention of its own laws.

This is what must be made clear to one and all.


Further, HLLN's encouraged the discounting of the blank votes because of the ambivalence in the laws, its capacity to allow or prohibit their inclusion allowed for fraud and manipulation. Also blank votes had NEVE
R been counted before in Haiti and given the people's determination to have all their VOTES counted; given the many proofs of massive fraud or gross errors and that the nearest candidate to Rene Preval has only managed to garner 11% of the vote and this 11% itself is seen, by many, as OVER-INFLATED; given the newly found "stashed ballots" just delivered to the CEP offices yesterday (See AHP Feb. 15 report below); given the burnt ballots - given all this, the Haitian people's intentions, as clearly and uncontrovertibly expressed on Feb. 7, 2006, and seen by the world, through news picture after news picture, this intention to make Rene Preval their legitimate and freely elected president HAD to be allowed free and un-tethered expression. The game was over. It wasn't that the international community "brokered" a solution. Frankly, they were part of the problem and simply realized the game was over. (See New York Times &qu
ot;Democracy Undone," then you will realize how much this "deal" idea is a farce.)

The Haiti Democracy Project, its former board member Timothy Carney, Andre Apaid, the Boulos Brotheres, Group 184 and the IRI, IFES and USAID folks do not compromise or negotiate. That's a fact made plain from 1994 to 2004. Their whole purpose has been to DESTROY the Lavalas Movement and exclude the majority in Haiti from participating in the affairs of their own nation. Period, no comma. (See, Democracy Undone by the New York Times, which, in part, confirms this allegation.)

4. The Game Was Over Once the Mainstream Media Reported the TRUTH - that the people of Haiti were PEACEFULLY protesting the attempt to negate their votes; reported all the FRAUD and showed the world, through print and on TV screens, the pictures of the burnt ballots (See the reports of the people taking over the Montana Hotel and then peacefully leaving, without incident.)

The massive
fraud reported by the mainstream media during this election crisis - a mainstream media, that this time and thank God, did not go home after the elections as they had right after the bicentennial coup d'etat, this media presence combined with the Haitian people's VIGILANCE shamed the UN troops and Haitian police into not shooting at the peaceful demonstrators as they have been shown to do, shamed the international supporters of the de facto authorities to take the right and legal position, for once.

The New York Times reported that "...Of the 2.2 million ballots cast, about 125,000 ballots have been declared invalid because of irregularities, raising suspicion among Preval supporters that polling officials were rigging the election.

Another 4 percent of the ballots were blank but were still added into the total, making it harder for Preval to obtain the 50 percent plus one vote needed." ( See, Smashed Ballot Boxes Found in Haiti", By ANDREW SELSKY, Associated Press Writer )

The evidence of fraud was OVERWHELMING. At one point the CEP figures showed Preval at 49% while the graph indicated 52%!. The International observers including the NDI found between 52% to 54%. Three of the members of the CEP itself said there was fraud and manipulation, and accused Jacques Bernard, a unilateral Lartortue CEP appointee, of fraudulently reducing Preval high percentage to deny him the outright majority he was given by the people and force a run-off.


MINUSTHA spokesman, David Wimhurst's original reaction when told about the smoldering ballots at Thuiery was to speculate that the burned ballots could have come from any of the nine polling stations across Haiti trashed on Election Day and forcing officials to throw out up to 35,000 votes.

This issue of missing and stolen ballots, ballots that were supposed to be in the custody of MINUSTHA, but ended up in a garbage truck, that issue cannot be minimized or isolated to just t
he burned ballots found in Thuirery.


First, because AHP in describing, on Feb. 14, 2006, the burned ballots wrote that[quote] "All of these votes, many of which were found inside ballot boxes, appeared to have come from voting centers set up in the periphery of the shantytown of Cité Soleil, where more than 95% of the population voted for Espoir. " [/quote]

Second, other papers and Haitian witnesses confirmed this. The Andrew Selsky New York Times article "Smashed Ballot Boxes Found in Haiti" stated, inter alia: [quote]"Among the bags seen by AP was one vote tally sheet from the Port-au-Prince neighborhood of Carrefour that recorded 129 votes for Preval out of 202 cast. "[/quote]

Therefore, David Wimhurst's original speculation must be revised. The burnt ballots that were found in the garbage dump clearly also came from polling places, outside of Cite Soley, set up for Cite Soley residents and from Ca
rrefou. These polling stations WERE NOT ransacked. Those ballots and ballot tallies from non-ransacked polling places were in the custody of MINUSTHA. If not, why not? If they were delivered by MINUSTHA to the tabulation center and then sent for destruction, only an independent investigation, not a MINUSTHA or CEP conducted investigation should be mounted to shed light on these issues.


HLLN urges a thorough and INDEPENDENT investigation of allegations of fraud, but especially an investigation of MINUSTHA, in reference to the burned ballots that came from clearly un-ransacked polling places where the ballots were given into the custody of the UN.

Haitians HLLN spoke to, who examine the ballots and still have a few in their hands (as souvenirs!!!) indicate there were Xs marking a vote for Preval on most of the ballots found at Truitier, and behind the ballots, the polling place staff signature clearly indicated where they originated. The cha
rred and still smoldering ballots, but not completely destroyed ballots and tally sheets that were found at the Truitier garbage dump, showed, that these ballots originated from polling places where the people of Cite Soley voted - polling places set up just outside for the people of Site Soley. There is no question about that. It's public knowledge. (Click on the Yahoo pictures: ... 715975.jpg )

Of course, the people living in the Truitier district area have also reported that the strange and heretofore unknown garbage trucks made MANY trips to the Truitier garbage dump, starting Feb. 8, 2006, the day after the election. Thus, it's conceivable other ballots besides the ballots from polling places for the people of Site Soley and Carefou were likewise burnt and we don't have proof of it because they've been burning ballots for quite a number of days before the rain came and STOPPED the evidence from being TOTALLY destroyed.

There were also found in the Truitier garbage dump, in addition to ballots, TALLY sheets. Thus, none of these ballot tallies were included in the tabulation of votes in Port au Prince. For, it's inconceivable the Truitier ballots and tallies would have gone to the tabulation center first and COUNTED, and then sent to be BURNED!

Also, when Max Mathurin, president of the CEP was told about the stolen and burned ballots and tally sheets, his first answer was that the CEP had nothing to do with this; had no knowledge of this matter and wasn't at fault because Haiti's voting ballots and tally sheets where picked up from the polling places by MINUSTHA, and therefore were under the care of MINUSHA.

The problem with this passing the buck, of course, is that a strict reading of the CEP laws would prove, that total relinquishing of CEP function to MINUSTHA was in contravention of their own CEP laws in and of itself and that someone from the polling place or the BED -(Burea
u Électoral Départemental) (Departmental Electoral Bureau) - should, at the very least, have been with all those ballots being transported to and fro, allegedly for SECURITY reasons, by MINUSTHA to assure chain of custody.

Further, as we've already pointed out in our report of laws violated by the CEP, the actual voting ballots, according to CEP laws, were not supposed to be transported outside of the polling places, only the tally sheets and these should have been driven directly to the BED, not to the CEP.

Be that as it may, the reality is that MINUSTHA was the caretakers of HAITIAN ballots and apparently charged with getting them to the CEP tabulation center. Yet, there they are - thousands of ballots - dumped in a Truitier garbage dump, by a Boucard Pest garbage trucks, hired and in the employ of MINUSTHA!

6. The Huge Boucard Pest Garbage Trucks that begin transporting ballots as "barbage" where hired and in the employ of MINUSTHA!

I wi
ll repeat this again: The Boucard Pest garbage trucks, that dumped an unknown amount of ballots, tallies and boxes of ballots and election materials at the Truitier garbage dump, were HIRED and in the employ of MINUSTHA.

When the company was contacted, they said they were just HIRED by MINUSTHA to pick up some garbage and had no idea what the "garbage" was that they were dumping at Truitier on Feb. 8, 2006 and for many days after.

HLLN finds MINUSTHA involvement here extremely DISTURBING.

Could the hasty conclusion to the elections fraud investigation be because of this MINUSTHA involvement in the stolen ballots?

These questions should be answered. A full and independent investigation of MINUSTHA role in the matter of stolen and dump ballots is necessary.

Moreover, if ALL the ballots dumped in garbage trucks were ballots, which MINUSTHA had already delivered to the CEP's tabulation centers, then an independent investigation of the CEP is surely and absolutely n

According to a February 15, 2006 AHP report, attached below, in its entirety:

"Thousands of ballots and election count reports whose origin is unknown arrived Wednesday evening at the vote tabulation center of the CEP"

Why are their origins unknown? Did MINUSTHA bring them to the tabulation center?

The AHP article goes on to state, inter alia, that:

"According to a variety of accounts, these documents have been kept for nine days in a secret location while the executive director of the CEP had affirmed that all of the signed election tally reports (procès-verbaux) had been received by the CEP." (See AHP, February 15, 2006 article, copied below: "Thousands of ballots and election count reports whose origin is unknown arrived Wednesday evening at the vote tabulation center of the CEP")

Who transported these ballots to "a secret location"? Was it MINUSTHA or not? Where any of these ballots part of the ballot boxes transpo
rted on trucks in the employ of MINUSTHA to the Truitier garbage dump?

These questions and many pertinent others must be answered and by an independent and credible authority.

Most importantly, HLLN wants to point out, that Preval was winning by 48.76% with 90% of the total votes counted. He only needed 1.24% plus one vote to gain the majority and an outright victory without going to a second round.

HLLN repeats, that even after MASSIVE fraud, as outline above, the gap was only 1.24% and these newly found ballots, stashed in "secret locations" could only have increased Preval's lead, otherwise, there would have been no need to steal them.

Thus, all the evidence shows Rene Preval was not elected by a deal brokered by the international community.

Said "international" community created the coup d'etat crisis and election crisis. There are many questions to be faced by said international community as outlined in part, by the New York Times' "Democrac
y Undone" article. The events after the Feb. 7, 2006 elections intensifies this need for investigation into these authorities, including OAS officials and their role in this coup d'etat and now with the attempt at rigging Haiti elections in favor of their morally repugnant Haitian protégés.

This is even more critical when we remember that the votes for the Legislature positions have yet to be published.


The last reported CEP results published on their website showed Rene Preval ahead at 48.76 with 90% of the votes tallied. Preval needed 50 percent plus one vote to win outright and not have to go to a second round with Leslie Manigat, who was in second place at a mere 11%.

But to the people of Haiti, Preval had won on the first round and by a landslide. They took to the streets to demand the CEP not negate their votes through fancy technocrat additions and formulas.

Copies of voting
results published, by law, at the various polling stations received and examined by HLLN showed clearly that Preval was ahead by MORE than 70% of the votes. So how come when these tallies got to the tabulations center, the percentage for Preval started to drop so precipitously?

HLLN finds the CEP tabulation were a farce. HLLN wants to make it CLEAR, Preval did not win by an agreement that GAVE him 1.4% plus one to put him over the top!!! This is subterfuge. There is no mathematically logic that would explain the fraud that kept Preval's percentages on the steady DECREASE as they reached CEP authorities. Many believe there was massive fraud at the CEP tabulation center. They were stealing. They got caught. Rene Preval was nice enough, big enough to offer them a way out.

There are already coup d'etat folks crying foul because Rene Preval's victory was duly declared. The Haiti Democracy Project, whose former board member is the current interim US Ambassador to Haiti, Timothy Carney, said Haiti
Democracy Project is already declaring that the blank votes should have been counted and that the Preval victory is not legal. We want these folks to understand that blank votes had NOTHING to do with President Preval's victory. The people of Haiti elected President Preval by a landslide, or as they would say LAVALASEMENT!!!

The CEP tabulation was a farce in the first place. So, let's not spent the next five years arguing President Preval's legitimacy. N'ap bare wout sa prese, prese.

This farce is intended to undermine the popular mandate, the STRONG mandate given to Preval by the PEOPLE OF HAITI.

But, to the people of Haiti, this so-called agreement has nothing to do with reality. Preval won by more than 50% plus one, and without the interference of Jacques Bernard, et al and, blank ballots, null ballots, stolen and burnt ballots, missing ballots and CEP re-examinations, and a whole series of other documented irregularities, there would be no need for a "resolution."

nThose who are already starting to complain about Rene Preval's victory and centering on the discounting (or re-apportionment equally amongst the candidates) of the blank ballots as their primary lifeline to make their case, carry no legal or ethical weight.

First off, these are the very people who disregarded the Haitian Constitution and supported the forceful ouster of the constitutionally elected government of Haiti. They have no leg to stand on now, crying about the "illegality" of not counting the blank votes. Especially as, HLLN has outlined that under their own CEP's coup d'etat laws, to count and not count blank ballots ARE BOTH LEGAL!!!! See, HLLN Report on Haitian Election Laws, Feb. 14, 2006 ... g00012.hml where HLLN outlines how the CEP article, article 185 that governs blank ballots is ambiguous and “could be argued to both allow and deny the counting of blank votes. It leaves a lot of room for manipulation and massive fraud.&quo

Those who are railing against the CONFIRMATION of Preval's victory are simply using this tabulation farce to MASK the Lavalas mandate – Lavalas in terms of the FLOOD of the people, their massive turnout on Feb. 7, 2006 and LAVALAS in terms of Aristide Lavalas, the people who support President Aristide.


This victory for Preval is a manifestation of the people's will; it's a repudiation of the bicentennial coup d'etat; it is support for oustered President Jean-Bertrand Aristide by the population of Haiti and a vote against those who conducted the coup d'etat and a vote against the international folks and NGO's that financed and help orchestrate said coup. It's a vote against that sector within the UN troops and Haitian police involved in terrorizing, arbitrarily arresting and slaughtering the people of Haiti who demonstrate or, are seen as supporters of Lavalas. That's what the Feb. 7, 2006 vote means. Let
there be no doubt about this whatsoever.

Aristide's base, even today, is still a solid 60% of the country. Anyone who polled, talked to or want to know the thoughts of the people of Haiti, would KNOW that. HLLN challenges those who disagree to go to Haiti and simply ask around.

On top of this 60% that still talks about Aristide and who would never have voted another way but for someone they see as close to Aristide as you could get, there's another 15% to 20% of Haitian folks, who, had a problem with Aristide, like even for instance, those who participated in the GNBis demonstrations against Aristide, but who now also make up part of Rene Preval's base.

It is this group plus Aristide's base that has brought this people's victory to Haiti.

Let's not make a mistake about this and allow the coup d'etat folks and un-informed mainstream press to be talking about how the people of Haiti rejected Lavalas, the Lavalas Movement or President Aristide by electing Rene Preval.

ng President Preval winner was not only the right thing to do, but it was the LEGAL thing to do.

But just because, for once, the illegal authorities did the right thing, mostly to stop the bright media lights they were facing from digging deeper, mostly to save face, let's not get carried away and bestow credibility or even people power and sanction upon either the CEP officials, or the political parties coming in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and these elections. The poor showings of these political parties and candidates (Manigat, Baker, Guy Phillip, et al), or non-votes for them are vote against them as leaders in Haiti by the people of Haiti. It is an expression of the people's will and that expression should not be minimized now that the CEP has, for once, done the right thing in light of the massive proof of fraud that were made public.

The CEP was pressured into stopping its own fraud, stopping group 184 fraud, stopping the Haiti Democracy Project fraud. It choose
one way out by apportioning the blank votes to save face. This should not, in any way, minimize the people's victory over these fascists' forces, only confirm it.

The international community, the OAS, the interim government and their employees, through UN troops, had control of the ballots and tally sheets.

There are questions as to the level of complicity of said internationals in this attempted fraud, like those that were burnt at Truitier. If, Preval had not been declared President, could these folks have withstand a fair investigation into their roles in the attempt to swing the elections to the coup d'etat contingent.

This is not to say there is not a section within MINUSTHA that backs up the people of Haiti, which has since the beginning of this Coup D'etat fought determinedly to actually be “peacekeepers” and not Group 184 and Haiti Democracy Project henchmen. HLLN makes clear, not all of MINUSTHA are doing the dirty deed of IRI, HDP and Group 184 in Haiti. There are two schools
within the UN contingent in Haiti, the problem has been the rogue elements have had great backing and from powerful elements within the governments of France, US, Canada and their allies.

Marguerite Laurent, Esq.
Founder and Chair, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
Feb. 16, 2006

Recommended Links:
HLLN Report on Haitian Election Laws, Feb. 14, 2006 - the CEP is no authority to COUNT or EXAMINE ballots, this is left to the polling stations. Go to: ... 00012.html

The Smoking Gun - Photos of STOLEN ballots found in garbage dump in Haiti | Brazil backs Preval as victor in elections | Smashed ballot boxes found in Haiti, et al

Fraud anticipated in order to compel a second round : Sham Elections followed by What, Politique De Doublure? by Marguerite Laurent for Haitian Perspectives, Feb. 7, 2006


Let them save face, let us continue to struggle for justice: The CEP Tabulations were a farce in the first place by Ezili Danto


[quote]Thousands of ballots and election count reports whose origin is unknown arrived Wednesday evening at the vote tabulation center of the CEP

Port-au-Prince, February 15, 2006 (AHP)- Thousands of signed election tally reports and ballots for the presidential and legislative elections of February 7, 2006 were delivered Wednesday afternoon to the Vote Tabulation Center of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) in northern Port-au-Prince.

These ballots, which were filmed inside the tabulation center by the Haitian television station, Channel 11, came notably from polling centers that were operating at the Sainte Trinité School, the Carrefour-Feuilles High School, and in the 3rd communal section of Abri
cots in the Southwest of the country.

According to a variety of accounts, these documents have been kept for nine days in a secret location while the executive director of the CEP had affirmed that all of the signed election tally reports (procès-verbaux) had been received by the CEP.

These ballots and polling center tally reports arrived at the Tabulation Center amidst a scene of great disorder, as there was no member of the CEP to receive them, and most of them had disappeared from view.

Only a few lower ranking officials were present.

"This is yet another trick", said a source close to the Tabulation Center, confiding to AHP that "Everyone is going to be very worried here from now on because reports suggest that it was a senior manager of the Tabulation Center (a woman) who may have given the order to throw out thousands of ballots and signed election tally reports (a majority of which were marked for Préval) which were discovered in the Truittier distr
ict of northern Port-au-Prince.

For many, "this scandal has confirmed the existence of a vast plan to hijack the vote of the majority".
More than 100,000 people demonstrated this Wednesday in front of the National Palace and all along the Champ-de-Mars calling for respect for the vote of February 7, 2006.

Displaying posters of the presidential candidate of the Espoir Platform, René Garcia Préval, as well as posters of ballot boxes containing ballots found at a public garbage dump at Thuitier, the demonstrators chanted slogans hostile to the senior officials of the Provisional Electoral Council, whom they blamed for this confused situation.

At the same time, the Brazilian government, whose troops are leading the UN force in Haiti, indicated Wednesday that there is no reason to organize a second round in the presidential elections and that the decision of the majority must be respected.

For its part, the UN Security Council appealed to the different sectors to
respect the commitment they have made to democracy.

AHP February 15, 2006, 7:30 PM

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Haiti election authority says fraud tainted vote

Post by Ezili Danto » Sat Feb 18, 2006 2:58 am

Haiti election authority says fraud tainted vote ... fraud_dc_1

..."The blank ballots were probably introduced into the ballot boxes in a fraudulent manner," Max Mathurin, president of the electoral council, told Vision 2000 radio, "This looked weird," he said.....In some polling stations, blank ballots totaled a quarter of the votes, and in some others, one third of the votes," Mathurin said......He blamed polling-station workers, who were often all of the same political persuasion......"

[quote]Haiti election authority says fraud tainted vote
By Joseph Guyler Delva, Feb 17, 2006

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (Reuters) - Haiti's presidential election was tainted by signs of fraud including blank
ballots that represented a third of the votes cast in some polling stations, electoral authorities said on Friday.

The conclusion of fraud served as a defense of the Provisional Electoral Council's decision a day earlier to hand the election to Rene Preval, a champion of Haiti's poor who had complained over the ballot irregularities. The finding conflicts with statements from some international organizations.

In addition to the blank ballots, in other polling stations the number of ballots left over at the end of the day was less than the number of people who had voted would indicate.

"The blank ballots were probably introduced into the ballot boxes in a fraudulent manner," Max Mathurin, president of the electoral council, told Vision 2000 radio, "This looked weird," he said.

It was the council's first public acknowledgment that the February 7 election was tainted by what Preval called massive fraud.

The council on Thursday morning gave the election to Preval after he complained about the large number of ballots that had been left unmarked by voters. The total number of blank votes amounted to between 85,000 and 90,000, Mathurin said, out of 2.2 million votes cast.

The blank ballots reduced Preval's vote share to less than the majority needed for a first-round victory. Several of Preval's rival candidates had earlier agreed to join forces against him in the event of a second round.

Blank ballots are a common way to express a protest vote in established democracies. But few Haitians believed that their fellow voters were unable to find a suitable candidate among the 33 rivals running for the presidency.

Nor was it likely that all those people would have walked miles (km) and waited in line for hours, just to leave ballot papers unmarked, Mathurin said.

The discovery of half-burned votes, many cast for Preval, on a garbage dump in Po
rt-au-Prince fueled suspicions and the final straw was when the council discovered the large numbers of blank votes in some polling stations -- numbers it could not believe were legitimate.

"In some polling stations, blank ballots totaled a quarter of the votes, and in some others, one third of the votes," Mathurin said.

He blamed polling-station workers, who were often all of the same political persuasion.

He also said that4 percent of votes could not be found. Preval was granted a first-round victory with 50.15 percent after 96 percent of ballots had been counted.

Some international organizations said the election was clean.

"There was no fraud," Jose Miguel Insulza, secretary general of the Organization of American
States, said on Thursday. "The votes were properly counted, and despite some reports, there should be no talk about fraud and nobody can prove there were irregularities."[/quote]

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Résultats partiels qui ont provoqué les manifestations

Post by Ezili Danto » Sat Feb 18, 2006 4:08 am

[quote]Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 02:35:06 -0500 (EST)
From: "Caonabo Kiskeya"
Subject: Résultats partiels des Présidentielles du 13 Fevrier 2006 12H25pm qui ont provoqué les manifestations
To:"Sant Obsevasyon Sitwayen"

Mwen kole tout sa ki te parèt sou sit KEP a sou dènye rezilta yo te piblye. Sa fè yon dokiman PDF 300 paj ki pèmèt moun fouye pi fasil pou jwenn kote gen pwoblèm. Mwen kwè ke tout moun ki gade resilta sa yo ap wè de twa konprann sak te fè pep la sòti pou l rele bare volè. Sitou lò wap gade rezilta departement du Centre kote vòt blan ak vot nil totalize 24672 alòske Preval parèt premye ak sèlman 36986 vwa. Nan Komin Belladere, Vòt Nil ak vòt blan monte 3004 vwa plis pase Preval ki sòti premye ak 2840 vwa.

J'ai sauvegardé et réuni 150 documents des derniers résultats des présidentielles disponibles sur le site du CEP en un seu
l fichier PDF mais qui peuvent en disparaitre bientôt. Un examen des chiffres pour certaines communes peut faire comprendre l'indignation de la majorité des Haitiens quand on veut leur faire avaler des taux de votes nuls allant jusqu'à 22% et de votes blancs jusqu'à 17%.

Une campagne de désinformation a déja commencé voulant faire passer Préval pour le principal commanditaire et bénéficiaire des fraudes. L'émission "Invité du jour" du 17 février 2006 à radio Vision 2000 avait comme invité Max Mathurin. Valéry Numa, énumère dès son préambule des chiffres qui sont faux comme 92,02% de procès verbaux ayant été publiés au lieu de 90,02% et Mathurin dans ses réponses maladroites joue quelque peu le rôle de Manus président du CEP des legislatives de 2000, étourdi par tous ces chiffres.

Il est interressant de noter qu'aucun candidat, même Manigat qui semble outré d'avoir raté sa chance d'affronter Préval au second tour, n'ait encore indiqué leur intention de contester la décision du
CEP. Je trouve ça même inquiétant. There must be a catch. La contestation initiée par Préval, si elle avait suivi son cours, aurait probablement abouti à trouver les preuves de fraudes ayant permis au CEP de publier des chiffres pour Préval bien au dessous du vrai suffrage exprimé. Il aurait été relativement simple, une fois tous les procès verbaux traités, d'exiger que le CEP fasse sortir les chiffres par bureau de votes ou centre de vote pour permettre une réconciliation aux procès verbaux et réveler la fraude. Le compromis trouvé, malgré toute la sémantique de "vote blancs redistribués" revient finalement à soustraire, au dernier moment, les votes blancs du total des votes valides pour calculer le nouveau pourcentage de chacun des candidats. Donc pour Préval, le nouveau pourcentage de 51.15% est le résultat du calcul suivant:
889942 / (1825055 - 85290)

C'est la même formule qui avait été utilisée lors des élections législatives de 2000 et qui avait si bien servi Manus et les vierges
offensées de la convergenge dans leur dramatique campagne dénonçant l'illégalité des résultats de ces élections. Espérons que la comédie ne sera pas reprise.

La proportion de votes nuls et blancs dans certaines communes comme Belladère est littéralement incroyable./b] J'espère qu'un statisticien se penchera la-dessus

Bonne fouille
Kenbe la[/quote]

Guy, I've sent the pdf and xls attachment for this mail to you directly to please put up for me in this post. Souple.
  • -Resultats_partiels_Presidentiels_as_of_Feb13_12h25pm.pdf (868k)

    -National_Results_Presidential_Elections.xls (27k)


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Count the missing ballots received Wed. Feb. 15, 2006

Post by Ezili Danto » Sun Feb 19, 2006 10:48 pm

Count the missing ballots received Wed. Feb. 15, 2006

Why did the CEP choose to COUNT the blank ballots on a pro-rata basis but to not count the missing ballots from Sainte Trinitè School, Carrefour-Feuilles, Abricots and other places that had gone missing but recovered and clearly available to be ADDED into the overall tally of votes on Wed. Feb. 15, 2006?

According to an article written by Guy Delva for Reuters on Feb. 17, 2006:

"The blank ballots were probably introduced into the ballot boxes in a fraudulent manner," Max Mathurin, president of the electoral council, told Vision 2000 radio, "This looked weird," he said.....In some polling stations, blank ballots totaled a quarter of the votes, and in some others, one t
hird of the votes," Mathurin said......He blamed polling-station workers, who were often all of the same political persuasion......" (Reuters, "Haiti election authority says fraud tainted vote" by Guy Delva ... fraud_dc_1 or, )

HLLN continues to urge for an independent investigation of the ballot fraud in Haiti, in particular, an investigation of MINUSTHA's role with reference to the burnt ballots and missing ballots, OAS role in supervising these elections, its award of election contracts, accountability, especially the fact that Haiti Democracy Project's Reginald Boulos, controlled the PRINTING of the ballots. (See also, Haiti's election crisis was made in Washington: No Deal Elected Rene Preval, the People of Haiti Elected Rene Preval ... )

This would certainly explains why Jim Morrell of H
aiti Democracy Project is urging that all the blank ballots that one of their founder's printed, BE COUNTED!!!

Afterall, it's not inconceivable that R. Boulos of Haiti Democracy Project, probably with the help of former Haiti Democracy Project board member and now interim US Ambassador, Timothy Carney, could have used their influences to make sure Reginal Boulos, who doesn't even own a printing company in Haiti and had to subcontract this work to a firm in the Dominican Republic, was awarded the $2 MILLION dollar printing contract from the OAS for printing the ballots. In view of all the documented fraud in the Feb. 7, 2006 Haiti elections, as even expressed by three members of the CEP itself, and the fact that no member of Lavalas or L'espwa party were part of the CEP membership, who is to say, more blank ballots were not being printed by HDP's Boulos and secretly being delivered to their Group 184/CEP cohorts at the Port-au-Prince tabulation center, to dilute the people's vote, decrease Preval
percentages and compel a second round?

Especially since Reginal Boulos of HDP, also head of Haitian Chamber of Commerce, who got the $2million contract to print the ballots actually was patently unqualified to win said contract. He had no printing press business in Haiti, and had to subcontracted his contract to some firm in the Dominican Republic, to the grave consternation of the Haitian businesses in the Chamber of Commerce who were qualified and had Haitian printing facilities in Haiti. Why did the OAS award this contract to an unqualified Reginald Boulos? How could the OAS see this as an arms-lenght and un-biased deal, entered into in good faith? Did this contract to print ballots, given to Group 184 and one of HDP's founders, Reginald Boulos, clearly defined performance measures, service standards and associated penalties....... If so, when will the people of Haiti be provided with these important business records and details and of how many ballots were printed? We
re all the ballots used in these elections printed before election day, Feb. 7, 2006? If no, why? Who at the OAS or within the international community organizations paternistically running these elections for Haiti through the unelected Boca Raton regime, had supervisory authority over this printing contract and the botched fingerprinting and national voter registration card contract?

On Feb. 16, the day the Preval's win was confirmed by the CEP, HLLN demanded to know why the missing ballots, mostly showing votes for Rene Preval, which were miraculously found on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2006 that had been "hidden" for nine (9) days were not simply COUNTED and Preval, declared the winner. It's obvious just looking at the charred ballots at the Thutier garbage dump that Preval won outright by more than (50% plus 1) a majority plus one vote.

According to AHP these missing ballots came "notably from polling centers that
were operating at the Sainte Trinité School, the Carrefour-Feuilles High School, and in the 3rd communal section of Abricots in the Southwest of the country." (See , ) The Haitian voters from Carrefour-Feuilles and Abricots have a LEGAL right, for their votes, to be counted. For, despite maneuvers to the contrary, their ballots and tally sheets still reached the CEP before the decision to pro-rate the blank ballots was made public and Preval declared winner. There was time for their ballots to be counted. There still is, as the official results have yet to be published in detail by the CEP as required by law.

The $66 million dollar question is: Why did the international community and the coup d'etat CEP choose only the pro-rata treatment of the blank ballots when there were also missing ballots that were IN FRONT of the CEP still to be tallied that would also have correctly reflected Rene Preval as the undisputed winner of these elections?

Maybe those whose monies are invested in the elections have more to lose by having the causes and tricks revealed.

Could it be the traditional rapacious elite, Haiti Democracy Project, IRI, McCain and Timonthy M Carney, needed to create a way to minimize the people's mandate to Preval, so they can block the development of democracy and justice in Haiti for the next five years with talk about Preval's "contested election" just as they did with the 2000 Parliamentary elections? Same old song. Except who shall swallow their hype twice in a lifetime, other than the gullible and remaining restavek (embedded) mainstream press?

Below, Paul Choisil, makes the point the missing ballots received on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2006, BEFORE the announcement of Preval's win must be counted and the count adjusted to show Rene Preval larger and more accurate percentages, (way over 51% and more ), co
nclusively dismissing the necessity for a run-off despite the burnt ballots and other electoral frauds and irregularities.

[quote]Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 17:56:23 -0800
From: "Paul Choisil
To: "zili danto" <>

-------- Original Message --------
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 17:54:02 -0800
From: Paul Choisil

C'est avec satisfaction et soulagement qui j'ai suivi la conclusion de la crise électorale présidentielle, où les stratagèmes et les efforts de violation par le CEP, les de-facto et leurs complices internationaux ont été déjoués par le peuple et la vigilance de la Plateforme de LESPWA.

Considérant les efforts de déstabilisation par ces mêmes acteurs, ennemis d'Haiti et du peuple, qui ont eu cours pendant l
es années passées, avec les résultats que nous déplorons; nous devons tous rester vigilants parceque cette victoire du peuple ne sera pas acceptée de bonne foi.

Donc, les mêmes obstables vont sûrement être placés sur notre chemin. Cette victoire irréfutable vient de sonner le glas de la vieille classe politique d'Haiti car elle a démontré que cette classe n'a aucune base dans la population et que ses élucubrations n'étaient qu'à la défense de leur intéret de clan.

Dejà, tous les rapports de la presse internationale insistent sur point que cette victoire est dûe à un compromis. Ce qui est incorrect et certainement indique, typiquement, leur manque d'objectivite et leur paternalisme, quand il s'agit d'Haiti.

A cette heure: samedi 18 Fevrier, 17:35, heure de l'ouest; le CEP n'a pas encore publié les résultats finaux de l'élection présidentielle. Ce retard doit avoir une signification.

Je voudrais vous suggérer d'insister pour que le CEP c
ontinue à faire le décompte de tous les bulletins, y-compris ceux qui ont été retrouvés au dépotoir et ceux arrivés tardivement, mercredi, le 15 Fevrier.

Cela contribuera à édifier ceux qui voudront porter atteinte à la
légitimité de la contestation et prouvera que le pourcentage de vote du Président Préval dépasse, en effet, 60%.


Paul Choisil[/quote]

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Boulos and Tim Carney's overeaching, destabalizing Preval

Post by Ezili Danto » Mon Feb 20, 2006 2:22 pm

Boulos, Haiti Democracy Project and Tim Carney's overeaching, destabalizing Preval's presidency even before it begins

Today, the mainstream press is only furthering our understandings of how the coup d'etat folks intended and are still trying to steal the elections away from the people of Haiti. These elections results were orchestrated and rigged in such a way to assure that even if Preval was declared winner, Haiti Democracy Project, Boulos, Timothy Carney would have manufactured enough conflict and spun their own fraudulent behaviors onto the people of Haiti to weaken Preval's mandate. But these are the last gasping breath of HDP. Their spins are dead in the water and they know it. For who doesn't know, that when a clear choice between COUNTING suspect "blan" ballots or counting good votes that had
been hidden and not added to the totals were at hand, said diplomats, international negotiators and coup d'etat folks chose to pro-rate the "blan" ballots instead of counting the Haitian votes available that had been delivered to them from hiding!!! Thus, with this farce of a "deal" and no mainstream media telling the truth, but quoting these "diplomats" (Tim Carney/HDP) spin as if it was the whole truth, they've manage to create this idea that Rene Preval was, as Guy writes, given a boost by the diplomats and negotiators to help him win and avoid bloodshed in Haiti!!! Only serpents from hell could be so slippery and dishonest. And, only with the approval and collusion of the mainstream press will these folks be allowed to make the victims (Rene Preval and the people of Haiti) the perpetrators of electoral fraud and themselves (the losers) the injured party!

Michelnau wrote HDP's and Tim Carney's newest boring song for us:[quote]Vote dispute seen as pos
sible Préval liability.

The acting U.S. ambassador in Haiti predicts president-elect René Préval will need to do well in office to keep political opponents -- and accusations of election fraud -- at bay. ... 4206#14206[/quote]

To the bloody beat of Haitian death's y'all- Michelnau and HDP lying song goes like this:

"Disputed elections," "...Préval had been just short of a majority with more than 90 percent of the vote tabulated!"

The mainstream media echoes these lies and half-truths with: [quote]Opponents of Haiti's president-elect could use the country's disputed election result to try and weaken his government "if he doesn't perform," the top American diplomat in Haiti said Saturday.....(American: Haiti Leader Must 'Perform' By STEVENSON JACOBS, Associated Press Writer, Sat Feb 18, 9:00 PM ET )[/quote]

Papa Tim Carney of HDP sings out loud: ''If he doesn't perform, yes it could weaken him,'' in an interview with The Associated Press.

These articles demonstrate HDP, IRI, USAID and the American ambassador to Haiti have yet to learn their lesson - The sacred Haitian people will not accept occupation, containment-in-poverty, loss of sovereignty, racist paternalism, endless debt, dependency, foreign domination and coup d'etats.

Guy correctly points out[quote]The acting U.S. ambassador to Haiti, Timothy Carney, did not waste any time sending signals to all political operatives in Haiti that if Préval does not submit to Washington DC's diktats, funds will be made available to weaken the new government.[/quote]

It's time for all Haitians to look outwards together and let ambassador Carney, IRI, USAID and HDP know that their current comments to the media [b:3
fb601e6b9]are not helpful to the political process in Haiti at the moment. In fact, Carney's comments, for instance, are undermining a government that has not even yet been formed. It's time for these foreign Tims and HDP parasites to stop their meddling in Haitian sovereignty and affairs and leave Haitians alone.

Feb. 7, 2006 defeated the coup d'etat. Get over it, Carney. Like Jaf says, "get yourself another job, please!"

Your orchestrated and funded bicentennial coup did not succeed. Look at your bloody hands. Over 10,000 Haitian lives wasted for naught. And you're back, Mr. Carney, to 2000 or maybe 1998 with Preval as President and a gridlocked Legislature! That's all you were able to do with all that technology, money, technocrat brainpower, mainstream media propaganda, Guy Phillipe death squads and shock and awe UN/US firepower Tim!!!

A poor, desperately hungry and suffering people defeated you hands-down. Take your "
skills" elsewhere Tim Carney!

But if you continue with this new song about "disputed elections" to "weaken Preval", remember, no matter what you do Tim Carney, IRI, USAID, European Union, et al.. the people of Haiti will defeat you again and again and again. The gift of that leap year, of Feb. 29, 2004 is that the people of Haiti KNOW NOW they can fight ALONE, while all their elected officials are in exile, dead, criminalized and in jail, and still WIN over you and your powerful allies and armies and Lebanese clan in Haiti!!. Go smoke that Carney!

Do everyone a favor sir, get smart and begin to minimize your liability, Carney. For, as sure as a Haitian lawyer is writing these lines, the people of Haiti will one day call you and your HDP/IRI cohorts into a court of law to answer for your crimes against the Haitian people, your involvement in the bi-centennial coup d'etat, your attempts now to destabilize the new Preval presidency even before
it has a chance to take office; your current threats to Preval to "if he doesn't perform," presumably as the Washington Consensus you represent wants him to; if he should, for instance, govern in the interests of the people of Haiti and not solely in the interests of the multinational corporate interests your ilk represents, - be assured though, a time will come Carney when the tide will swing and ultra-Neocon folks like you will be judged in a court of law for all your abuse of US Federal power, for all your crimes in Haiti against humanity and civility.

Leave the Preval government alone, Carney. Let Haiti go HDP. Take Boulos, Apaid and the rest of the Lebanese clan (Baker, Apaid, Boulos, et al...) with you. Their corruption, greed, fraud, massacres are not needed in Haiti. Ase!

For a reminder of these coup d'etat folks overreaching and cavalier attitudes towards standards of law, here's the exchange between Boulos and Deschamps (printer and publisher) on the subject of ballot pri
nting and Boulos overreaching.

Ezili Danto
Feb. 20, 2006

[quote]Subject:Fwd: AHP News - Oct. 18, 2005 Part 2 - Eng. translation - Exchange of letters between Deschamps (printer and publisher)and Boulos (Chamber of Commerce head) over the awarding of the contract for printing election ballots

"The AHP News- Eng. Translation"

AHP News - October 18, 2005 - Part 2 (Unofficial)
Exchange of letters between senior officials of Deschamps/Frisch Enterprises SA and the Chairman of the Board of Le Nouveau Matin newspaper (also President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haiti) concerning the printing of election ballots

Pétion-Ville, October 14, 2005
Monsieur Reginald Boulos
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haiti

Monsieur Boulos,

In your letter of October 5 in which you acknowledge receipt of our resignation from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haiti (CCIH), of which we were a founding member, we take note of your particularly convoluted quibbling, which although it has the merit of extolling the knowledge of the President of the new Board of Directors of the CCIH, nevertheless underscores a clear contempt for national interests.

The Printing and Publishing House of Henri Deschamps, because it has regularly participated in bidding for contracts - some of which it wins and others it loses - knows full well that the printing industry is, like the banks, one of the most competitive sectors. What is the point of your demagoguery regarding "monopolies" and "private property, no trespassing"? There are at least 131 printers in Port-au-Prince, of which some 20 or so are reasonably large. Not one of them controls more than 20% of the total market, and that is not including th
e free competition from printers based outside the country. If your insinuations about a "monopoly" refer to our business as publishers of school textbooks, you should know that we have at least a dozen competitors in Haiti.

As to the business of importing and distributing school supplies, there are easily a hundred players in that sector. No person can grant a "monopoly" nor do we have one! On this point we have no lesson to learn from you... Our position as leader in the field is the fruit of more than 100 years in business, of the unceasing and fruitful work of four generations.

The Establishment of Henri Deschamps functions very well and in a modern way. The fact that it is number one in its field does not mean that Maison Henri Deschamps holds a monopoly just as in fact SOGEBANK or UNIBANK do not have a "monopoly" in the banking sector simply because they are the largest banks.

Thus we are not trying to defend a "monopoly", which exists
only in your perception of things and to serve your cause. We require an Ethos. You wonder if our reaction (which is furthermore well thought out and not impulsive) would have been the same if an American firm were hired by UNDP to execute this contract. The answer is yes, if the local intermediary, the president of the Hamcham (Haitian American Chamber of Commerce and Industry) were the broker.

You accuse us of importing our raw materials and equipment so that you can deny us the status of being a national industrial company. That is such an elementary view of the world of industry that we would have smiled if it were not being put forward by a President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. How can you claim to be defending the interests of national industry with such a superficial knowledge of the realities of this space in the market?

You have given, no doubt in order to have a good conscience, a great deal of publicity to our resignation; arguing and emphas
izing in an obscure pattern that Mr. Henri R. Deschamps, treasurer of the Board of Directors of Le Nouveau Matin, S.A., was not opposed to your participation in the bidding process. Must we remind you that on September 29 Mr. Deschamps had resigned from his duties on the Board and sold his shares of Le Nouveau Matin, S.A., in part because he was confronted with the de facto situation of Le Nouveau Matin S.A. participating in the bidding.

Those are all the questions. There lie our differences. As Le Nouveau Matin S.A.had neither the experience, the equipment, nor even less, the expertise to fulfill such a contract, it could be no more than a broker shouldering heavy responsibilities toward the Haitian nation and history in the event there were negative repercussions.

We are not going to adopt the symptomatic attitude of a "poor loser". We demand a certain morality, a certain respect for standards. In the past, Maison Henri Deschamps participated in bidding for school supply contr
acts which you ended up winning and without any reaction from us. Thus we have a difficult time understanding your recent accusations.

If the Dominican printer or printers with whom you would manufacture the ballots had participated as foreign bidders, and had won the bidding competition, we would have had nothing to say in response. However, the situation of tension existing between the two nations as a result of the ill-treatment inflicted upon our compatriots should inspire you to make a more thoughtful choice. To confide one of the symbols of our sovereignty to Dominican hands is considered in more than one quarter as a snub that we could have avoided. The re-establishment of the country's dog-eared dignity is perhaps at this price and without being of a ticklish patriotism; the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haiti should have, in our opinion, taken all of this into account.

And you wish to excuse yourself by pretending that we print our books abroad!

1 - We
have never worked in the Dominican Republic.

2 - Out of more than 200 different titles that we publish every year, the only one that is printed outside the country (in Canada) is the "Dictionary of the Haitian Student" which, because of specifications unique to this work, requires special equipment.

However, we appreciate that you were sharing with us information that you might have as to the printing of our books in the Dominican Republic, because our lawyers have a terrible time trying to identify and prosecute all the counterfeiters putting out pirate works and working outside our borders, who are able to cause harm to the business of Haitian publishers with impunity and deprive Haitian authors of their royalties. This would be yet another way of construing your role as President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haiti, which is supposed to fight the practice of contraband.

As far as we are concerned, this review of the situation brings to an end the useless d
emagogic exercise which you have resorted to as well as the sophistry that you endeavor to engage in.

Accept, Monsieur Boulos, our salutations.

Peter J. Frisch, Chief Executive Officer

Maison Henri Deschamps

Les Entreprises Deschamps-Frisch S.A.

Henri R. Deschamps, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Maison Henri Deschamps

Les Entreprises Deschamps-Frisch S.A.


Association of Industries of Haiti (ADIH)

Tourist Association of Haiti (ATH)

American Chamber of Commerce in Haiti (AMCHAM)

Franco-Haitian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CFHCI)

Le Nouveau Matin


Port-au-Prince, October 5, 2005

Monsieur Peter J. Frisch
Chief Executive Director
Deschamps-Frisch Enterpr
ises, S.A.
At his office

Monsieur Frisch,

I am in receipt of your letter dated September 30, 2005, in which you inform the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haiti (CCIH) of your resignation as a member. In your letter, which was unexpected and accusatory to say the least, both in substance and in form, you justify your resignation by making the point that it is "painful" for you "to find that members of the present Board of Directors (of the CCIH ), blinded by personal interests, acted for the benefit of Dominican or other businesses to the detriment of Haitian businesses and national industry".

In a general sense, I will begin by emphasizing that your perception is a result of a partial or selective reading (deliberately?) of the concrete achievements of the new Board of Directors of the CCIH to benefit the nation's industry.

If the reading had been objective, and not veiled by a form of scarcely contained passion it would have certainly informed
you that the current leadership of the CCIH is also related in the business community to a program of reinforcement through the arrival of industrialists whose interests we defend tooth and claw every day. Relentlessly. With conviction, courage, self-sacrifice and determination. Is not the CCIH, often risking the life of its principal directors, at the forefront of the struggle against contraband which destroys genuine national industry every day, not that which adds no value to our small open economy and which penalizes the consumer through prices that are significantly higher than those offered by regular importers.

Is it necessary to remind you that the current credibility of the CCIH earns it the privilege of being consulted regularly by the authorities here on nearly every major economic and social decision affecting the future of the nation. It is thus that we are in a position to facilitate the growth of Haitian businesses by systematically encouraging the government to to put in place a just
legislative and fiscal framework, as well as special measures and short term actions to promote innovation, productivity and competitiveness among our national businesses which will sooner or later have to face the great nascent world market.

But let us return to the facts, that is, to your letter of resignation. In it, you have chosen to avoid naming the individuals whom you accuse of being "blinded by personal interests" by committing actions that are hostile toward local industry. Here you are clearly referring to Jerry Tardieu, Vice-Chairman of the Board of the CCIH and to myself, who are the only two members of the present Board who are also members of the Board of « Le Nouveau Matin » company, which won a competitive bidding process administered by the United Nations to print ballots, a bidding process in which five foreign companies and four local companies, including yours, took part.

Let it be said in pa
ssing that we appreciate and admire the attitude of the other Haitian companies that submitted bids for having respected the verdict of a process conducted according to international ethical and transparency standards. Your dispute with us, unfounded, tenacious and ill-placed, appears to arise from the fact that « Le Nouveau Matin » will sub-contract a large portion of the printing to several foreign partner companies on this project. There! Things are now clear and sharply focused. Therefore, permit me now, Mr. Frisch, to convey to you my feelings on the question.

- The respective positions of members of the Board of the CCIH in no way hinders them (or their respective businesses) from having the capacity and even the right to carry out diverse commercial activities, regardless of whether such activities are through international commerce or local industry. These members are in no way prevented by statute or law (or even morally) from participating in bidding for national or international contracts
in a country where free competition remains a fundamental achievement to be defended zealously by all who do not believe in monopolies but rather believe in the allocations of the markets on the basis of transparency and equal opportunity for all.

- Quite frankly, I have a hard time understanding the fact that your businesses can react so negatively to the awarding of a printing contract to « Le Nouveau Matin » following an international bidding process that was as open as it was lucid. Must I remind you here that the sealed bids were opened in Denmark by the UN office that administers bidding for the prestigious international organization? Would you have reacted the same way if the winner of the contract were a German, French or American company?

Why did your businesses not react just as strongly when the contract for printing National Identification Cards was awarded to a Mexican firm? Why are the school notebooks bearing the logos of Maison Henri Deschamps printed outside Haiti? Why is Th
e Little Haitian Larousse manufactured and distributed by your company printed outside our borders? And then we hear you. You accuse us of harming Haiti's national production.

Monsieur Frisch, you and I know that with respect to the printing of these election ballots, the main raw materials, that is the paper and ink that would be utilized by your companies to do this job, would be imported from outside the country just as the equipment was. We should indeed continue to work to create, in this country, a secure and stable business environment that can enable Haitian entrepreneurs to be more and more competitive and able to confront the global economic reality which, thanks to the NTIC (New Information and Communication Technologies) have made "outsourcing" one of the most important contemporary dynamics.

Such being the case, Monsieur Frisch, we have a clear conscience at « Le Nouveau Matin » for several reasons:

- First of all, by participating in the bidding, « Le Nouveau
Matin » did not throw itself opportunistically into areas of business that are not provided for under the terms of its basic business charter. In Article 2 of the company's statutes, it is clearly stated that "the company's main line of business is:

The publication of a newspaper, the execution of printing jobs of any type whatsoever, the preparation, publication and editing of any work. In a general manner, it can carry out any actions directly or indirectly related to its objective or to the accomplishment of that objective".

- The attainment of very ambitious objectives for the company requires substantial funds that the newspaper alone would not be able to generate in the short term. It is thus to insure the future of the company that we wish to diversify our for-profit activities. This is the case for all great newspapers around the world, whether it be the New York Times, Le Monde, Le Devoir. This is nothing new.

- Along the same lines, it should be added for your e
dification and that of society in general that Le Nouveau Matin is a business whose objective is to produce a professional newspaper that is able to reconcile the needs of its readers with the goals of capitalist investment without that entailing simply a quest for profits for the sake of dividend distributions. You know this well because your company was one of the first to whom we offered the possibility of participating in this civic project. As the prospect of making a profit was indeed not the priority of this investment, we understand why you have chosen to refuse this offer. We won't hold this against you at all. It is up to each of us to analyze the profitability of any investment in our own way.

- Having said that, Monsieur Frisch, you must know that « Le Nouveau Matin » is ANYTHING BUT the work of men and women blinded by the lure of personal gain or interest. However, if there were still need to do so, allow me to remind you nevertheless, Mr Frisch, that the men and women who have inves
ted in this newspaper (you know almost all of them) did so in order to provide an adequate context for continued __expression of their vision of the country, a country which they would like to see become modern, resolutely committed along the path of democracy, economic development, social progress and free enterprise.

Monsieur Frisch, you should also know that the men and women who have invested in this newspaper believe that the interest of the nation's civil society requires that this country become a normal country where certain norms for living together in community and certain fundamental values (above all those of tolerance in the private sector) constitute essential conditions for the blossoming of our society in all its categories. Finally, Monsieur Frisch, you should know that our investment in « Le Nouveau Matin », achieved through a diversified shareholder base, consists not only of business men and women but also and especially of professionals, intellectuals, bankers, journalists, com
munications experts, professors, writers, all of whom have demonstrated their feeling, conscience, determination to belong to a nation like at no other moment in our history.

To the extent it may serve a useful purpose, I would also like to spell out what follows in an unequivocal manner. It is on the basis of my responsibilities as Chairman of the Board of « Le Nouveau Matin », thus, as someone mandated to ensure the survival of the nearly 100 year-old newspaper Le Matin, that I personally took on the commitment of participating in this bidding process knowing full well that it would be a matter for the Board (to be convened in an special meeting) to either accept or reject this contract if our bid should be successful.

As it happens, at that very meeting of the Board called to extraordinary session, when I informed all the members of my initiative, Monsieur Henri Robert Deschamps, shareholder of the newspaper on an individual basis, and director of your business, did not raise any objec

Monsieur Frisch, in light of the above-mentioned facts, I hope that you will take the time to truly understand the motives behind our actions and that once the moment of your anger has passed, you will reverse your decision. The Deschamps-Frisch Enterprises S.A. which you direct, as well as your shareholders, enjoy an excellent reputation in the business community that has been hard won over the course of many years of work and professional rectitude.

It is clear that your participation in the Chamber is precious to us. I therefore hope that all of this is merely due to a misunderstanding and I would not like to attribute your resignation to the fact that Deschamps-Frisch Enterprises S.A. would not accept the rules of free competition in these days of globalization where our great companies must actively buckle down to prepare for battle in terms of the arrival of the Free Trade Zone of the Americas. If such were the case, it is evident that we would have a serious divergence of opin
ion here.

In conclusion, I would add that today more than yesterday, and tomorrow more than today, and until the end of its mandate, the current Board of the CCIH will fight for a country where Haitian commercial enterprises, being part of the same sector of activities, will be able to effectively and freely participate in bidding for contracts without competitors seeing this participation as an audacious act worthy of condemnation or an arrogant and misplaced determination to violate private domains. This is the price of modernity.

With sincere wishes that you will reverse your decision, I offer you, Mr. Managing Director, my respectful and no less patriotic salutations.

Réginald Boulos

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Association of Industries of Haiti (ADIH)

Tourist Association of Haiti (ATH)

American Chamber of Commerce in Haiti (AMCHAM)

Franco-Haitian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CFHCI)

Le Nouveau Matin[/quote]

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Haiti Election Chief Flees Country

Post by Ezili Danto » Mon Feb 20, 2006 10:35 pm

If the UN has closed the Haitian airport, and have control over it, how did Jacques Bernard get to Miami, if that is where he is! Through the DR?

This morning, an HLLN source in Haiti indicated two things (See excerpts translated from Kreyol into English below):

1. That Jacques Bernard is apparently, a French citizen working for the French educated (Sorbone) Leslie Manigat. (Sounds familiar ...Will these Francophonies ever learn?)

The speculation on Haitian radio was that this close relationship with Manigat was the reason why Leslie Manigat figures 11% figure seemed so OVERINFLATED to many Haitians.

2. This morning, Feb. 20, 2006, it was also reported, more particularly "according to Ms. Issa, a member of the Sage Council, that Jacques Bernard, would have gone to France if it had not been the convincing arguments of a current minister." (See, excerpt below of translated rep

The rumors were very strong in Haiti this morning that Jacques Bernard was already in Miami.

Now that part of this information is on the AP wire and on AHP, there's some confirmation that the information circulating on the streets about Jacques Bernard had some teeth to it. See Stevenson Jacobs, AP report and AHP's Feb. 20, 2006 report (with the just completed, unofficial HLLN translation) copied below.

[quote] ... hief_x.htm
Posted 2/20/2006 7:01 PM

Haiti Election Chief Flees Country
By STEVENSON JACOBS, Associated Press Writer

The head of Haiti's electoral council fled the country after opponents threatened his life and burned down his farmhouse nearly two weeks after disputed elections, an official said Monday.

Jacques Bernard, appointed three months ago to bring order to a council that was plagued by organizational problems and infighting, left Su
nday and may have traveled to Miami, said Michel Brunache, chief of staff for interim President Boniface Alexandre.

On Friday, Bernard had reported receiving threats and requested more security amid complaints about the vote count from the Feb. 7 elections, which returned former President Rene Preval to the office, Brunache said.

"He said he was afraid for himself and his family and said he wanted more security," Brunache told The Associated Press. "I was shocked when I heard he had left."

The U.N. peacekeeping mission in Haiti said it didn't know Bernard's whereabouts.

Bernard had kept a low profile since the nine-member council declared Preval the president on Thursday, eight days after the long-awaited vote.

Preval, who received four times as many votes as his nearest rival, was declared the victor after the electoral council agreed to divide 85,000 blank ballots among the 33 candidates proportionally according to the votes they had received. That ga
ve Preval the 51 percent he needed to avoid a runoff.

Throngs of Preval supporters flooded the streets after the polls, denouncing the delay in releasing the results and accusing Bernard of manipulating the vote count to deny Preval a first-round victory — a charge Bernard has denied.

Wimhurst confirmed that Bernard's ranch in a town just northeast of the capital of Port-au-Prince was burned and looted over the weekend.

After the incident, Bernard went on local radio to denounce some council members who have accused him of withholding information and excluding them from important decisions.

Bernard's absence could throw the vote-counting for legislative elections into disarray. Logistical delays have already slowed the result tabulation, and electoral officials will likely have to postpone the scheduled March 19 runoff, officials say.

"If Mr. Bernard leaves Haiti, it will be catastrophic because he is the only man on the council who was professional," said Micha
Gaillard, spokesman for the Fusion party. "Without him we fear we could be in a situation where the legislative results will not be published."

Council member Patrick Fequiere criticized Bernard as a "megalomaniac" who abused the power of the council. "I believe that he had a political agenda," Fequiere said on Radio Vision 2000.

Copyright © 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

The information contained in the AP News report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press.[/quote]

Veyo Yo. Veyo Yo, Veye Yo!


See, also:"...Shout Michelnau, ...shout it out loud HDP and Tim Carney, until you're as red as a lobster or as fat as Gwo Jera, a deal did not take President Aristide out of Haiti – ..he was kidnapped; ...a deal did not elect Rene Preval, he was elected by the overwhelming majority of the peoples of Haiti..."

Even the mainstream press are starting to say Preval “received four times as many votes as his nearest rival.“

Jacques Bernard, the Electoral Counci's director accused of stuffing ballots with blank votes, flees Haiti - See APH report: Le directeur exécutif de l'organisme électoral haitien quitte le pays à la cloche de bois cloche (with HLLN unofficial English translation)

For more on Jacques Bernard, HDP and US involvement and arranging his flight out of Haiti, see also thread under " Exiled CEP Administrator to address HDP Seminar!"


Le directeur exécutif de l'organisme électoral haitien quitte le pays à la cloche de bois

Port-auPrince, 20 février 2006- (AHP)- Le directeur exécutif du conseil electoral haitien Jacques Bernard a quitté le pays discrètement ce mercredi à destination des E

M. Bernard qui fait l'objet de graves accusations de fraudes dans le décompte des voix aux présidentielles haitiennes est parti sans avoir prévenu les conseillers électoraux.

"On pourrait dire qu'il s'agit d'une fuite, a dit le conseiller Gerson Richemé qui annonce l'ouverture d'une enquête sur la gestion de M. Bernard qui n'a laissé derrière lui aucun dossier.

Son départ n'aura aucune incidence sur la poursuuite du processus électoral puisqu'il était plutôt un facteur de division", a dit Richemé, ajoutant que les 9 membres du CEP étaient en discussion pour pourvoir à son remplacement.

Bernard qui gardait un profil bas depuis la proclamatiion e la victoire du candidat de l'Espoir René Préval, accusait samedi 2 conseillers électoraux d'avoir proferé des menaces contre sa personne.

Le conseiller Patrick Féquière avait alors rétorquué en accusant à son tour Jacques Bernard de farceur et de menteur cherchant à detourner l'attentiion de la populat
ion de ses magouilles.

Des sources proches du CEP ont fait savoir que Jacques Berrnard est sans doute parti pour ne pas avoir à répondre des acccusations qui pèsent contrre lui

M. Bernard est également accusé notamment d'implication dans les bourrages d'urnes avec des votes blancs et dans le dossier des milliers de bulletins de votes et procès-verbaux découverts dans une décharge au nord de la capitale avant la prroclamattion ds résultats.

Dans son intervention samedi à la radio, Jacques Bernad a également fait état de la mise à sac d'une de ses fermes dans la commune de Thomazeau.

Plusieurs habitants de la région ont fait savoir que ce sont des gens proche de sa famille qui sont à la base de l'opération, le sachant en difficulté.

Ils ont également fait savoir que Jacques Bernard fait partie de ceux qui géraient les biens de l'industriel et politicien haitien, feu Thomas Désulmé.

AHP 20 février 2006 4:20 PM


===Unofficial HLLN Transl
ation of Feb. 20, 2006 AHP report: Jacques Bernard's flees Haiti =====

Haitian Electoral Council's Executive Director Quietly Leaves the

Port-au-Prince, 20 Février 2006- (AHP)- Haitian Electoral Council's executive director, Jacques Bernard, discreetly left the country, this Wednesday, for the United States.

Mr. Bernard has been accused of fraudulent activities in the realm of the Haitian presidential elections vote count, left without advising members of the electoral council.

“One may say that we are witnessing an escape,” said council member Gerson Richemé while announcing the initiation of an investigation of Mr. Bernard's management. He seem to have left no record of his administration.

“His departure will have no effect on the council's continuing work, since he was an agent of division”, said Mr. Richemé, adding that the 9 CEP members where discussing his replacement.

Bernard who was keeping a low profile since the announcement of Lespwa candida
te René Préval's victory, on Saturday, accused two members of the electoral council of threatening him.

Council member Patrick Féquière, at the time retorted that Jacques Bernard was a joker and a liar trying to divert the people's attention away from his fraudulent activities.

Sources close to the CEP let it be known that Jacques Bernard
undoubtedly left to avoid answering accusations leveled against him.

Mr. Bernard is most notably accused as well of being implicated in stuffing ballot boxes with blank votes and also in reference to the matter of the thousands of votes and official reports discovered in a garbage dump to the North of the capital prior to the proclamation of the results.

In his radio intervention Saturday, Jacques Bernard mentioned as well that one of his farms in the commune of Thomazeau had been ransacked.

Many inhabitants of the area let it be known that people close to the family, aware of Mr. Bernard's troubles, took the opportunity to loot the fa

They also mentioned that Jacques Bernard was among those who have been managing the estate of the now dead former entrepreneur and politician, Thomas Désulmé.

AHP 20 février 2006 4:20 PM | Unofficial HLLN translation.[/quote]

[quote]Ezili Danto Witness Project Recorded Report Direct From Haiti, Feb. 20, 2006 – Translated from Kreyol recording into English, Feb. 20, 2006


Correspondent in Haiti: “True Haitians indeed recognize that René Garcia Préval's victory is a victory for the Haitian people! Unfortunately, we must mention a conflict between Patrick Féquière, Pierre Richard Duchemin and Jacques Bernard. A Jacques Bernard who has been characterized by Patrick Féquière as a megalomaniac, swindler and crook.

According to Jacques Bernard, who claimed to have been assaulted by Mr. Duchemin and Mr. Féquière as he entered the Tabulation center on Tuesday, he has been blamed. Yet, Mr. Bernard was not clear
as to what exactly he was being blamed for. Nonetheless, public clamor is that Mr. Bernard tried hard to create confusion in an attempt to steal the elections for Leslie Manigat.

Word on the streets is that Mr. Bernard is in possession of US$4,000,000.00 to stage the theft. Jacques Bernard has been keeping a low profile these past few days. He, according to Ms. Issa, a member of the Sage Council, would have gone to France if it had not been the convincing arguments of a current minister. Indeed, he is a “wondering Frenchman on Haitian soil”. Ms. Issa indeed said that Jacques Bernard was scheduled to leave but a De Facto Minister convinced him to stay. Jacques Bernard, who according to Patrick Féquière, is working on behalf of specific interests, is responsible for the precipitous deterioration of the situation. ‘No one can trust him for he is a thief, a certified cheater and he is responsible for the election aftermath chaos.'

Up to now, the Legislative elections results can not be known, becau
se Jacques Bernard having started to disrupt the electoral process, is coming back to finish the job, according to a member of the CEP. Nonetheless, Jacques Bernard claims to have been victimized. He has a million dollar farm in Thomazeau, that has been turned upside down by people who claimed to have been cheated out of their vote. We must admit that his credibility is very low among members of the CEP……”

End of excerpt, Feb. 20, 2006

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The Washington Chimères Reloaded

Post by Ezili Danto » Thu Feb 23, 2006 7:44 pm

Urgent Alert: The Washington Chimères Reloaded and Haiti Democracy Project planning another coup d'etat against Haiti even though Rene Preval has not even taken office yet! Mainstream press, New York Times, where are you? Will the mainstream press remain dumb, deaf and blind, AGAIN?


It's sad but the Washington Chimères, led by Haiti Democracy Project and Timothy M. Carney are gearing up for a sequel to the 2004 bi-centennial coup d'etat.

They haven't learnt their lesson and won't leave Haiti in peace. Their new and bloody horror show is entitled "Washington Chimères Reloaded." Starring the same theme song - "flawed elections". Same cast - Timothy Carney, James Morrell, Lionel Delatour, Bernard Jacques, Reginald Boulos, to name a few, but some, appearing on stage under differe
nt titles. Featuring the same mainstream media lies, half-truths and propaganda. Except, there will be different Haitian lives lost. New Haitian lives made to suffer and to lose their freedoms.

Washington used the so-called 2000 "flawed" Parliamentary elections to bring down the Aristide government and appear to have purposely staged Preval's "flawed election" to control Preval's presidency, pacify the masses and strike the final death blow against the pro-democratic Lavalas Movement in Haiti. Now that the coup d'etat has been defeated through the repudiation of Washington's candidates in Haiti at the ballot box, the new litmus test Washington has set for itself is to prevent the return of Aristide.

The first step has already been taken.


Quickly ignoring that neither Aristide nor Preval nor the people of Haiti had any control over these elections - deliberately forgetting the coup d'etat government,
the OAS, the UN and the international community had total control over the running of Haiti's elections and therefore have a lot of explaining to do about burnt ballots, hidden ballots, destroyed tally sheets, ballot boxes stuffed with blank ballots - the mainstream journalists are reveling in writing articles which amount to nothing more than a compilation of threats. Washington threats being issued, in the form of "reliable quotes" taken from the perpetrators of electoral fraud in Haiti, thieves who got caught and had to declare Preval winner against their will and who are now using the mainstream media to destabilize Preval's presidency before it even gets into office.

In essence, Preval and Aristide and the people of Haiti are being blamed for the made-in-the-USA election crisis in Haiti.

Spinning the truth on its head, Rene Prèval and the people of Haiti are cast as the “perpetrators” of electoral fraud and not the victims of it.

For example, a recent New Yor
k Times article unabashedly maintains:[quote]"...Mr. Préval (is) quietly at work on the glaring challenge of ending the devastating hostilities between the rich and the poor — starting with repairing some of the damage HE HAD JUST DONE TO THAT CAUSE. (Emphasis Added)

“Last week, he charged the authorities with fraud in elections whose credibility was considered crucial to strengthening Haiti's stumbling democracy. Now he, too, faces questions about the legitimacy of the back-room deal brokered by foreign diplomats that ended the possibility of a runoff and made him the victor...." ( "Préval's Silence Obscures Quiet Bid to Reunite Haiti", By GINGER THOMPSON, New York Times, February 20, 2006 ... 4223#14223 )[/quote]

Miami Herald like the New York Times arrogantly continues to blame the victims with:[quote]

“…in a
nation where elections have been marked by fraud, Haitians are not used to either runoffs or long and methodical vote counts…” (See, “Massive protests demand vote results in Haiti” by Joe Mozingo, Feb. 15, 2006, posted at - ) [/quote]

Similarly, the Associate Press hears no evil and sees no evil, simply overlooking the coup d'etat thieves who were committing electoral fraud, liberally citing the State Department viewpoint without question, inferring it is Rene Preval, not the US-supported Latortue regime and their international backers, who must keep accusations of election fraud at bay. To wit, AP writes:[quote]

“The acting U.S. ambassador in Haiti predicts president-elect René Préval will need to do well in office to keep political opponents -- and accusations of election fraud -- at bay. "
( Go to, “Haitians, m
eanwhile, are waiting for the word on Aristide” by Stevenson Jacobs, Associated Press )[/quote]

What these journalists won't particularize, won't report here is that the acting U.S. ambassador to Haiti, Timothy Carney, formerly of Haiti Democracy Project, is the opposition to Preval's presidency. He is one of the key creators and chief supporters of political opponents against Haitian democracy and justice, such as Group 184 and the Convergence. Without this critical information, their reports are nothing but unethical and shameful reporting.

Not to be outdone, a Los Angeles Times article, also quotes the threats and pressures from another coup d'etat orchestrator, Group 184 partisan and well-known Haiti Democracy Project board member, Lionel Delatour:[quote]

"If he does try to bring Aristide back, Preval will NOT FINISH his presidency," Delatour predicted." (Go to: "Aristide's
Former Ally May Be Turning Away by Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times, Feb. 20, 2006 ) [/quote]

The stage is set. Preval and the people of Haiti are duly cast, by the mainstream press, in the role of antagonist. They are the enemies of democracy and development in Haiti. Never mind the only crime Renè Prèval has committed is the crime of being voted into office by the mass electorate in Haiti. What matters is that, the beautiful people, the fringe candidates, with no significant constituency in Haiti - (the closest rival to Preval only received 11.8% and 8% ) - are more palatable to the international community, that is, to the US, France, Canada, UN Security Council and their Blan peyi multi-national Haitian opportunists.

Reality is turned on its head, lies are truth and truth lies. The democratic forces in Haiti, Haiti's actual long-suffering poor majority and the winners in the Feb. 7, 2006 rigged elections are cast
as the anti-democratic forces.

President Rene Preval, the undisputed winner of the Feb. 7, 2006 elections, who won by four times as many votes as his closest fringe rival, (and who had many other votes, apparently purposely hidden by CEP members, that were delivered on Feb. 15, 2006 before the so-called "compromise" that were not counted into his tally), is outright accused, by Haiti Democracy Project, Group 184 and Washington, of manipulating their corrupt behavior, their incompetence and fraud at the CEP to avert a run-off! The mainstream media straight-up prints these gross lies even though:
  • 1) Preval was in Marmelade at his mountain home after the elections and had NOTHING to do with the "tensions" that caused the people of Haiti to take to the streets and demand their votes be counted by the CEP and not be negated as it reached Jacques Bernard's Tabulation Center in Port-au-Prince;

    2) There was no need for a compro
    mise or a deal except for the fraud of burnt ballots, missing ballots, missing tally sheets, blank ballots and the found ballots which could still be COUNTED;

    3) And furthermore, the people's demonstrations were PEACEFUL, as amply demonstrated when 5,000 went to the Montana and not one piece of item was destroyed or found stolen.


The mainstream media revels in covering panels, conferences and discussions put together by the coup d'etat folks, the IRI created Group 184 and the paternalistic "do-gooder" foreigners in Haiti who support the morally repugnant wealthy Haitian sweatshop kingpins like Haiti Democracy Project, IRI, USAID, US Embassy, France, Canada, UN and their various NGOs. The people of Haiti and their chosen leaders are just a side-issue, a backdrop used to flesh out their negative and racist mantras.

Examine any
of their articles on Haiti closely and you'll notice that the LOSERS in the Feb. 7, 2007 elections are, by far, the people these journalist take the time to quote in their articles. Obviously these folks will mouth the negative mantras about the people of Haiti and the Lavalas Movement for democracy and say only good things about themselves. No matter. Forget the blatant electoral fraud, the mainstream press are doing Washington's work, re-imaging and boosting up the losers – the coup d'etat folks, such as, Reginald Boulos, Leslie Manigat, Jacques Bernard, Timothy M. Carney, HDP, IRI, the death squads and the Washington Chimeres as credible authorities with a credible history of upholding the laws and the Constitution of Haiti!

It seems whatever these discredited folks say about the Feb. 7, 2006 elections is mainstream media gospel. The fact that these folks took down Haiti's last elected government through force, appears to hold no weight with these "journalist."

The script: “Ohh,
no, no no, their hands are clean – I mean they look so light- skinned, so beautiful. Jacques Bernard looks so like us journalists! How could Jacques Bernard be a criminal, he's white?

“We all schmooze together, sometimes over a nice Barbacourt rum by the poolside at the Montana or El Rancho. We are more like these “Haitians”, one of a kind, winners, diplomats, playboys in designer suits, successful. We are kindred spirits at the Montana, looking down at those Black folks, those “slum-dwellers” who want that “fiery slum priest” back.

"Can you imagine the ignorance? When they could have had the beautiful light-skinned Charles Baker as their President. Their street riots and carrying-on forced the beautiful people, the diplomats, the UN, the Haitian elites, the international observers to acquiesce to their demands and MAKE Preval President. In a nation where elections have been marked by fraud, Haitians are not used to either runoffs or long and methodical vote count. That's a shame. Preval c
harged the authorities with fraud in elections whose credibility was considered crucial to strengthening Haiti's stumbling democracy. Preval compromised Haiti's last hope for democracy. Now Preval, too, faces questions about the legitimacy of the back-room deal brokered by foreign diplomats that ended the possibility of a runoff and made him the victor.

“There should have been a second round so true American-style change would come about in Haiti, to transfer to the beautiful people the reigns of power through the ballot. But now, oh shame, shame, the elections are disputed. Preval is weakened and if he doesn't toe the Washington line, he won't be able to keep accusations of election fraud at bay and we just have to get rid of him as we did Aristide. What a tragedy. It's all Prevals and the People of Haiti's fault. They're are to blame..."

That's the script.

So, as before, the mainstream media willingly swallows whole and claps their hands to whatever these “beautiful people” te
ll them and don't choke, just print these anti-democratic folks destabilizing lies, half-truths and spins ad nauseam. Thus, Pablot Bachelet of the Miami Herald has no problem, gives no balance or context, just identifies the discredited and illegally appointed Jacques Bernard as "Top election official", the "leader of Haiti's electoral council" who "surfaced in Washington" and "said the president elect and others manipulated ballot counting changes."

In fact, almost any mainstream paper one picks up these days, manages to find a "foreign diplomat", a coup d'etat LOSER like Boulos, Manigat, Jacques Bernard, IFES, IRI or a one-time or current Haiti Democracy Project board member such as, Tim Carney or Lionel Delatour to quote. And the refrain is unanimously the same: "Preval's victory is compromised by his connection to the PEOPLE OF HAITI; his connection to Lavalas; his conn
ection to Aristide, and by the fact he champions the poor!!!"

Purposely ignoring any contextual reference to the realities of the 2004 coup d'etat, the over 10,000 Haitians massacred, 1,000 still in jail, the re-structuring of the old bloody Haitian military as credible "police"; the paying of said human rights abusers ten years back pay while the surviving victims suffer, starve and get no justice; completely ignoring the legitimacy of these folks they quote so liberally, folks who got their jobs unconstitutionally, took power through force and by murdering law-abiding Haitians, forgetting all this, these mainstream journalists, like the ones we've named herein, will blithely write, in sum, that:

“OPPONENTS of Haiti's president-elect could use the country's DISPUTED ELECTION result to try and weaken his government if he doesn't perform," (See, Haiti Leader Must 'Perform' By STEVENSON JACOBS, Associated Press Writer, Sat Feb 1
8, 9:00 PM ET ... 4206#14206 )

What the journalists don't tell the reader is the OPPONENT to Haiti's democracy is the very person they are quoting.

"....Tim Carney, the acting U.S. ambassador in Haiti, said Préval clearly would have won the election but acknowledged the disputed outcome could hurt his government if he fails in office. " (Haitians, meanwhile, are waiting for the word on Aristide, BY STEVENSON JACOBS, AP)

"If he fail" doesn't mean if he fails the people of Haiti by not delivering on social programs, schools, health care, better security than the coup d'etat people and such. It means, if Preval fails Tim Carney and the Washington Chimères that Tim Carney, as acting US Ambassador, leads at IRI, IFES, USAID and Haiti Democracy Project. "If he fails" that is, these foreigners and their Group 184 cohorts who are the OPPONENTS to Haiti's demo

Timothy Carney along with IRI and HDP helped create Group 184 and are Rene Preval's and the people of Haiti's most dangerous opponents. They are THE BLOCK to Haiti's development and to Haiti's attempt at institutionalizing the rule of law, justice and democracy! (Read the New York Time's "Democracy Undone" article. Note how this article only exposed the very tip of the massive media neglect and disinformation on Haiti and their cover-up for these Washington Chimères. How it trivializes and reduces the powerful corrupting role and, many say, even criminal role of the Bush State Department in undermining Haitian democracy to simply "mixed U.S. signals have helped tilt Haiti toward chaos". The article doesn't even bother to identify Timothy Carney's relationship to Haiti Democracy Project, or that he preceded Brian Curan as Ambassador to Haiti, or outline Carney's record at HDP, or now, in terms of bolstering a coup d'etat government, Group 184 interests, rather than s
upporting the majority of the people of Haiti's will and choice of leaders.)

The voices, hopes and dreams of the poor, Black masses in Haiti are reported as suspect, uneducated, impatient, unmethodical, unimportant.

But the truth of the matter is, what is "controversial" to these journalist and their "authoritative sources" is deemed legal and just to the suffering masses in Haiti. Thus, return of Aristide is controversial to Washington while Constitutional to the people of Haiti. The CEP's confirmation of Preval as the outright winner in these elections is just, moral and Constitutional to the people of Haiti. But controversial to mostly all the coup d'etat sources used by the mainstream journalists reporting on Haiti.

The pro-rata counting of the blank ballots is "controversial" for the almost all the sources cited by the mainstream journalists, but right, ethical, legal, democratic and Constitutional to the joyous mass electorate of Haiti who saw thei
r votes thrown away in garbage dumps and being diluted by missing tally sheets, missing ballots, uncounted ballots and a fraudulent number of blank votes.


Since President Aristide has already been cast as the “fiery” even demonic, if not despotic “slum priest,” the mainstream media, helps the Washington party-line by just lazily tapping into their audiences already programmed prejudices. Reporting, ad nauseum, that Preval better not listen to the Haitian majority who elected him and bring back that “fiery slum priest.” In this way, journalists, like Ginger Thompson of the New York Times write about Latortue's "stumbling democracy!", Joe Mozingo of the Miami Herald speaks of Haiti poor's inability to be "patient and methodical;" Steven Jacobs of the AP, and Carol J. Williams of the Los Angeles Times, simply use th
e fact that Aristide draws lots of negative press and conveniently smear it all over Preval. Or, alternatively divides them, to further polarize Haiti's people. (See, “Aristide's Former Ally May Be Turning Away. Many Haitians voted for Rene Preval thinking he would bring back the ousted leader. But the president-elect is staking out a new independence." by Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times, Feb. 20, 2006,

Ginger Thompson, of the New York Times, wrote:

“Mr. Aristide, the fiery slum priest who could command this country's poor masses as firmly as Moses did the Red Sea, was forced from power and into exile in South Africa two years ago by a violent uprising supported by the elite. But some contend that he continues, either directly or through the masses who remain loyal to him, to have influence over Mr. Préval “ ( “Préva
l's Silence Obscures Quiet Bid to Reunite Haiti” by Ginger Thompson, New York Times, February 20, 2006, posted at

Who are these anonymous “some” who “contend” that Ginger Thompson writes about, if not the Roger Noriega, Tim Carney, Stanley Lucas, Jacques Bernard, Latortue, Apaid, Boulos, Baker and the rest of the coup d'etat gang. Again, are these the only human beings these journalist can find to interview on Haiti, about Haiti?

Further, has Ginger Thompson, read her own papers coverage - "Haiti: Democracy Undone - Mixed U.S. signals have helped tilt Haiti toward chaos", outlining the US role in destabilizing Haiti's constitutional governments and bringing forth the bicentennial coup d'etat? Why does Thompson only blame the Black opportunist- that is, the Haitian "elite" here? Didn't her own New York Times article show, in part, how said "violent uprising" she writes about that forced Aristide i
nto exile was also financed and engineered by US/UAID/IRI in conference rooms in the Dominican Republic!!!

How soon the New York Times forgets.

The mainstream press articles excerpted above, contain nutgraphs, negative mantras, like the Jesee Helms-inspired “fiery slum priests," mantra about Haiti's steps towards self-governance that appeal to America's racists instincts and prejudices in a way that is politically manipulative and patently dangerous to the new Preval presidency and conveys to Preval the racist and paternalistic warning that he must not listen to his own people, but to Washington.

The polarization and conflicts are strummed to a fever pitch.

To wit:

“…Tensions between Haiti's slum-dwelling masses, who supported Aristide and Preval, and the business elite frequently roil its politics. But representatives of diverse communities have spoken publicly of the need for the next government to include a broad spectrum of society… (See, “Aristide's Former Ally
May Be Turning Away” Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times, Feb. 20, 2006 )

This article makes no reference to the Lavalas witch hunt, massacre of the poor and crippling oppression of Haiti's majority occurring these last two years under the US/UN- supported Latortue government that couldn't possibly be described as a government to "include a broad spectrum of society."

Furthermore, without explaining to their readers, who these “Opponents” are, who Timothy M Carney and his associates and these Haitian “business elites” really are, the nightmare these coup d'etat folks imposed on the Haitian masses, on Haiti, these last two coup d'etat years; the sheer terror, lawlessness, massacres they've engineered, preside over, causing over 10,000 deaths, 1,000 political prisoners, countless fleeing refugees who've drowned at sea, causing over 100,000 internal refugees, forcing 20, 000 Haitians into exile, destroying an entire government and
kicking out over 7,000 elected and appointed officials from office, making Site Soley and Bel Air into a concentration camp like the West Bank and creating children prisons that warehouses Haiti's poor, there's no context.

Without context, one would assume the journalists writing about “tensions between those who support Aristide and Preval and the business elites” are referring to regular businesspersons who happen to be part of credible political parties with credible constituencies, say like the Democratic or Republican parties in the US or simple businesspersons who naturally should be afforded an opportunity to bring diversity to play, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. The fringe political parties and business elites who support them in Haiti are anti-democratic and lack authenticity with the people of Haiti and can only win an election through fraud.

The picture being painted, by the mainstream media, of a benign and reputable Haitian business class pitted against a ruthless
, violent-prone and mob-orientated majority is obscene.

It's an affront. A denial of the over 10,000 Haitians these folks help to massacre (with the help and cover-up of the likes of Timothy Carney, IRI/McCain, Guy Phillipe, the UN troops, and Haiti Democracy Project.) An affront to the thousands of Haitians the Boca Raton regime is still killing softly in their UN-protected jails, right now in Haiti.

"… president-elect René Préval will need to do well in office to keep political opponents -- and accusations of election fraud -- at bay." (See "Haitians, meanwhile, are waiting for the word on Aristide, by STEVENSON JACOBS, Associated Press "

These are threats. Nothing less than the acting U.S. ambassador to Haiti, Timothy Carney, wasting no time sending signals to all political operatives in Haiti that if Renè Préval does not submit to Washington's wishes and dictates, US, IMF, UN, World Bank, European Uni
on funds, credit, political, military and diplomatic power will be used to weaken his presidency and government as was done to President Aristide.

In fact, as we've already pointed out, one Los Angeles Times article quoted HDP board member, Lionel Delatour to have predicted already that if Preval tries “to bring Aristide back, Preval will not finish his presidency," (Go to: "Aristide's Former Ally May Be Turning Away” by Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times, Feb. 20, 2006 ) also posted at )

That's the gist of the matter, no matter the sophism or ways these media comments are made.


The hand writing is on the wall. Timothy Carney and the State Department's clear message to Haiti and Preval is: "Do as we want Haitian people, or face an embargo and another coup d'etat.”

The propaganda, disinformation, the destabi
lization has begun and Preval has not even yet taken office.

Today, the mainstream press is only furthering our understandings of how the coup d'etat folks intended and are still trying to steal the elections away from the people of Haiti. These election results were orchestrated and rigged in such a way to assure that even if Preval was declared winner, Haiti Democracy Project, Boulos, Baker, Apaid, Jacques Bernard, Timothy Carney would have manufactured enough conflict and spun their own fraudulent behaviors onto the people of Haiti to weaken Preval's mandate. But these are the last gasping breath of HDP. Their spins are dead in the water and they know it. For who doesn't know, that when a clear choice between counting SUSPECT "blan" ballots or counting good votes that had been hidden and not added to the totals were at hand, said diplomats, international negotiators and coup d'etat folks chose to pro-rate the "blan" ballots instead of counting the Haitian votes available that
had been delivered to them from hiding!!! Thus, with this farce of a "deal" and no mainstream media telling the truth, but quoting these "diplomats'" (Tim Carney/HDP) spins as if it was the whole truth, they've manage to create this idea that Rene Preval was, somehow given a boost by the diplomats and negotiators to help him win and avoid bloodshed in Haiti!!!

Only serpents from hell could be so slippery and dishonest. And, only with the approval and collusion of the mainstream press will these folks be allowed to make the victims (Rene Preval and the people of Haiti) the perpetrators of electoral fraud and themselves (the losers) the injured party!



Here's the ultimate spin. Remember, there were "misplaced" ballots that could have been COUNTED to avoid "the deal" spin:

"...Préval had been jus
t short of a majority with more than 90 percent of the vote tabulated!"

Lies, lies, lies. Gross lies. Preval clearly had a majority before this Jacques Bernard started to play with the blank votes. That's the plain truth. It could be verified, if these lazy journalists ever took the time to gather the tally sheets posted at the polling places that showed Preval winning by 60 to 80% of the votes. Even the international observers and NDI had Preval winning by a clear majority. The mainstream press is being obtuse on purpose. They refuse to ask the obvious question about this “brokered deal;” refuse to utter the question HLLN has asked: Why make a "deal" to count the SUSPECT "white" ballots when there were Haitian votes on hand, still to be counted on Wed. Feb. 15, 2006? Votes that had been hidden for nine days, after they were delivered to the tabulation center? (See, AHP Feb. 15, 2006 report)


Why did the CEP choose to COUNT the blank ballots on a pro-rata
basis but to not count the missing ballots from Sainte Trinitè School, Carrefour-Feuilles, Abricots and other places that had gone missing but recovered and clearly available to be ADDED into the overall tally of votes on Wed. Feb. 15, 2006 before the announcement of the “brokered deal” was made on Thursday morning?

Answer? To weaken Rene Preval, of course, and compromise the landslide mandate given to him by the poor in Haiti; to have plausible deniability and an arguable case that Preval wasn't elected by the people of Haiti, he was PUT, straitjacketed by the U.S. and the international community into the National Palace; to legitimize the coup d'etat, of course, and destroy the Lavalas movement, that's why.

It's a familiar lie: the imperialist creates disorder and lawlessness and then comes to the rescue to bring law and order! Our jailers have cast themselves as our rescuers. How many times have we-Haitians been subjected to this particular farce down the annals of our history?

ider the latest news found on the Haiti Democracy Project's website: "Threatened CEP Administrator to Address Haiti Democracy Project Seminar"

According to HDP's James Morrell[quote]A major blunder by the international community has forced Haiti into one of the most perplexing as well as unnecessary crises it has had to endure since the departure of dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier twenty years ago. The Latin American troop-contributing countries, with Brazil in the lead, pressured the Haitian electoral commission into illegally awarding the presidential election to Rene Préval before he had fairly won it. They did this by allocating to him and other candidates eighty thousand blank ballots—that is, eighty thousand ballots that were verified by voting officials and party pollwatchers across the country as having been explicitly cast for no candidate. [/quote]

Jacques Bernard, the extra-illegally appointed Latortue, Executive Director of the CEP escaped Haiti, amidst
an investigation of his fraudulent dealings, and managed to abcond to the US. (See, “Jacques Bernard, the Electoral Council director accused of stuffing ballots with blank votes, flees Haiti “ ... 00021.html ; Unofficial HLLN Translation of AHP Feb. 20, 2006 report: Jacques Bernard, Executive Director of Haiti's Electoral Council flees Haiti )

With HDP former board member, Timothy M. Carney, now in charge of the US Embassy and visas in Haiti, as interim Ambassador, that is not so surprising.

Was Jacques Bernard whisked back to Washington, back to the bosom of his Haiti Democracy Project coup d'etat co-horts to get more orders from those who made sure he got a coup d'etat paycheck with the CEP job? Why isn't the US interested in Jacques Bernard's role in allegedly stuffing ballot boxes with blanks, presiding over missing ballots, burnt ballots, and fraudulently publishing bogus electoral results?

The Bush Administration and HDP appear to
still be in the coup-making business and against Haitian democracy, justice, development and peace. They simply won't quit. Won't accept that Feb. 7, 2006 defeated their coup d'etat and regime change in Haiti.

They are so cavalier about it, so unconcerned about facing a court of law for their heinous crimes against the people of Haiti with the bi-centennial coup, that they are, right now, predicting a coup d'etat against Preval, even saying it out loud to the mainstream press with TOTAL impunity.

"If he does try to bring Aristide back, Preval will not finish his presidency, Delatour predicted."

Marguerite Laurent, Esq.
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
Feb. 23, 2006

See also:
See, HLLN's position on foreign-sponsored elections under coup d'etat, dictatorship and occupation | Haitian Perspectives by Marguerite Laurent, October 31, 2005 ... tfear.html

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e? by Marguerite Laurent for Haitian Perspectives, Feb. 7, 2006

Haiti's election crisis was made in Washington but transformed by the people of Haiti: HLLN questions MINUSTHA's credibility, OAS's credibility, Washington's credibility and their allies' credibility, willingness and ability to legitimately support and safeguard the people's landslide mandate to President Rene Preval

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HLLN Report on Haitian Election Laws, Feb. 14, 2006 - the CEP is no authority to COUNT or EXAMINE ballots, this is left to the polling stations. Go to:


Jacques Bernard, the Frenchmen accused of ballot stuffing and electoral fraud in Haiti is Welcome to the US by Haiti Democracy Project and Scheduled to Address HDP Seminar | J.Bernard, another Zealot, like Manus and Paquiot, HDP
will use to destabilize Haiti's elected President

The Smoking Gun - Photos of STOLEN ballots found in garbage dump in Haiti | Brazil backs Preval as victor in elections | Smashed ballot boxes found in Haiti, et al

Count the missing ballots received Wed. Feb. 15, 2006 by Ezili Danto Why did the CEP choose to COUNT the blank ballots on a pro-rata basis but to not count the missing ballots from Sainte Trinitè School, Carrefour-Feuilles, Abricots and other places that had gone missing but recovered and clearly
available to be ADDED into the overall tally of votes on Wed. Feb. 15, 2006?

Jacques Bernard, the Electoral Council's director accused of stuffing ballots with blank votes, flees Haiti - Haiti Election Chief Flees Country



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