The Haitian People had spoken

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Ezili Danto
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It's not 1994

Post by Ezili Danto » Sat Feb 11, 2006 11:51 am


Right on. Di yo tout pou mwen, pou pèp la, nou te granmoun depi lan Guinen.

Right now, this very moment the Baco Raton regime are killing people in Site Soley and arresting them en mass.

Right now, this very moment, the people of Site Soley, Bel Air and Solino have taken to the streets to tell the CEP who is THE WINNER in these elections.

All the suits siting aroung talkin' about let's "move on." Tell 'em for me, we live in the belly of the beast, know his underside, have heard it all before.

This is not 1994. We are weary, but the blood of the slaughtered won't be in vain. Believe that! Because this time, we won't "move on" like in 1994!

Michelnau, I know the drill so don't even bother.... I ain't one of these Toussaint Louverture Negroes you're used to. Never have walked alone. Pèp la li la avek nou, deyè nou, devan nou. Se nou li rele vini kanpe av
ek li. Anplis, Zanset yo e Ti Moun yo, yo la. You may waste somebody else's time. Never mine. 'Nuff said. Sa se Kreyol mwen.

Ezili Danto
Li led li la

Ezili Danto
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N ap tire senk an yo te volè lan men nou an -

Post by Ezili Danto » Sat Feb 11, 2006 1:13 pm

Latest from the Ezili Danto Witness Project, direct from the streets of Haiti at 12.15pm, Feb. 11, 2006

Brief excerpts - recorded voices from the streets of Port au Prince:

Ezili Danto
Hello, sa k ap pase? M ap tande w.

HLLN Haiti Correspondent "Sektè popilè a, li pran lari."

Ezili Danto: Ki bò yo ye?

Haiti Correspondent: "Kounyè a, yo lan Rue St. Martin, y ap monte Bel Air pou soti lan Delma 2, epi pou yo ale devan KEP.”

Ezili Danto: Konbyen moun ou estime ki lan lari a kounyè a?

Haiti Correspondent: “Pa gen plas lan lari a pou moun telman gen moun lan lari-a. Yo
pral pase pran moun Bel Air, Martissan poko vini, destinasyon an se ale devan KEP. Marc Bazin ak Baker di fòk gen yon segon tou, pèp la li di NON. Yo pa lan dezyèm tou.”

Editor's Note: (One can hear people loudly chanting): "Pa gen magouy, Preval President!" "Pa gen magouy, Preval President!" "Pa gen magouy, Preval President!"

Yon nan manifestan ki pale avèk nou an direk, di: "senk an yo volè lan men Prezidan Aristide la, nou ap tire-l kounyè a"

Yon pakèt lòt vwa lan lari peyi d'Ayiti ap chante fò pou moun NY tandè byen: "Yo volè de zan, nap tire senk an lan bouda kokorat yo." "Yo volè de zan, nap tire senk an lan bouda kokorat yo."

Yon lòt vwa lan lari peyi d'Ayiti ki pale direk ak Ezili Danto: "Blan an pakapab anile vòt pèp la jounen jodi a, ankò."

cee1e]Vwa lan lari-a: "Tout rezilta yo deja poste nan biro lokal yo. Se adisyon SÈLMAN pou yo fè e bay pèp la rezilta a. Nap di nèf manm Konsèy Elektoral la, pou yo sispann fè maryonèt. Maryonèt pou blan yo. Pèp la li vle fini avèk bagay sa yo. Se sa nou vle. Se sa nou ap tan n. Pèp la pran lari, you fwa ankò pou apiye vòt li a."

HLLN Haiti Correspondent:
Se konsa bagay la yo ye. Andire y ap tounen pou ale devan Palè a kounyè a.....

Voices, direct from the streets of Port-au-Prince, Excerpted from recordings made by the Ezili Danto Witness Project
Feb. 11, 2006, 12:15pm

Michel Nau_

Post by Michel Nau_ » Sat Feb 11, 2006 8:53 pm

Ezili wrote:[quote] Michelnau, I know the drill so don't even bother.... I ain't one of these Toussaint Louverture Negroes you're used to. Never have walked alone. Pèp la li la avek nou, deyè nou, devan nou. Se nou li rele vini kanpe avek li. [/quote]
Ezili, Why negroes like me are not worthy to stand next to our people?
You said that the people are with you, behind you, and in front of you, and you are chosen to stand next to them and not Negroes like me. Negroes like me don't think so.

You told them to boycott and not to go to the “selection”. Negroes like me told them to go to the elections.
They rejected your call, and they woke up before 4 AM in the morning and went in mass to the elections.
And the people had spoken!
Base on those concrete evidence mentioned above could you still say that “The people are with you, behind you, and in f
ront of you, and you are chosen to stand next to them and not Negroes like me?
You are a beautiful woman, and we acknowledged that you are doing a wonderful job in fighting for the black race and especially for the Haitian people. But you don't have to use epithet to call other Haitian brothers who have different political views or have different way to fight.
Power to the people and to the human race!

With Love


Ezili Danto
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Get the facts straight, please Michelnau

Post by Ezili Danto » Sat Feb 11, 2006 10:05 pm

Read our stand on the elections, Michelnau.

Don't know where you got the boycott thing from. HLLN takes positions based on principles of democracy and rule of law. We try to bring the Voices of the people of Haiti who are without access to the world, as best we can, we run letter writing campaigns, demand equal rights for ALL Haitians, and expose the lie in the negative mantras used by the corporate press to tell Haiti's story and we try to speak truth to power. We use the tools of democracy to do this, help build support for the people of Haiti internationally, expose the lies, half-truths of the corporate media and suggest to those interested in helping the poor in Haiti, as to what could be done to help us return to Constitutional rule and on the road to self-determination, people empowerment, Haitian sovereignty and domestic development.

We are lawyers, journalists, students, artists
and human rights activist, a network of concerned Haitians and non-Haitians interested in protecting the civil, cultural, and human rights of Haitians living at home and abroad.

In reference to the elections, we, in sum, said the occupational forces and the Boca Raton regime could not, ipso facto, (as they are imposed), hold a free and fair election, especially with potential candidates in jail, political prisoners wasting in prison like Neptune, elected leaders in exile, and the documented, official slaughter, mass murder and repressions of the poor majority since the coup d'etat. Just like one couldn't have, by definition, a free election under slavery! That's what HLLN said and we still stand by it.

We also said the people of Haiti are in these elections because they want the coup d'etat nightmare TO END.

We said we don't expect the Boca Raton regime to allow Preval to win, not after their masters, France, Canada, US, conducted 14years of destabilization to get rid of the Lavalas
Movement. We said, "it is up to the Haitians living abroad to support the people of Haiti against Euro/US pressures and against desperate moves."

Michelnau, HLLN actually walks with and talk to the people of Haiti, know why they chose to go to these elections.

Because the people of Haiti were forbidden to demonstrate, when they asked that we Haitians and supporters, in the Diaspora, demonstrate in front on the UN on their behalf on Feb. 7, 2006 so that the elections would not be stolen and that their votes would count, our collaborators and Network did. We also issued the first "initial report" about the elections on Feb.7, 2006 because they asked us to do all we could to push so that they could VOTE.

We did this. And were assured that things would look better in the afternoon and people in the long lines would get to vote. But as you know, the chaos and logistical problems were almost designed to make sure the people's votes would be minimized and reduced. In fac
t, as we know, so many polling places were not in operation in Cite Soleil, Bel Air and other places, the vote for Preval would have been a lot higher.

Still, HLLN helped as best we could on Election Day. Our people on the ground were there when a voter suffocated. We know, Mr. Erilien Pierre, the 75-year-old voter who tragically died while trying to cast his vote in Pétionville. Erilien Pierre was a member of SOPUDEP, a school HLLN supports (see website, . Mr. Erilien Pierre who DIED trying to vote, worked regularly with someone HLLN works very closely with and other community leaders. He died trying TO VOTE!!!! Four others were also reported to have died on Election Day. HLLN shall always cite and remember these ultimate sacrifices and demand that the people's votes not be negated, whatsoever!!!

The people policed themselves, arrived at 4 am even before the UN or Haitian police got there. There's not much there you could tell us, Michelnau, about how to people of Ha
iti transformed selections to a people's victory this week. But that victory is tempered with regret, regret that so many weren't there to see it, regret and memories of Mr. Erilien, and over 10,000 Haitian dead, that could be living right now.

The people are still fighting, still not sure if their votes WILL count. That's what we denounced Michelnau. The abuse of power of an imposed government, that holds no popular mandate, but has us in its grip because of the coup d'etat and the UN military back up.

HLLN wrote in our statement on the elections, in effect, that the people of Haiti, were going to elections, not because they don't know the obstacles, but because they see it as a way for change to happen at the very best, or, at the very least, as a way to buy time, get some breathing room, survive and stop the repression and mass killings by the police and UN forces. They see it as a way to end the coup d'etat torture they've had to endure these last two years.

In HLLN's position
on the elections, we said we would stand behind the people of Haiti in their choice to vote.

HLLN did not ask for the people of Haiti not to vote. We warned them that the Boca Raton regime, France, Canada, US, OAS- all those in charge of the elections were going for a SELECTION. But I'm sure you already know all that, Michelnau.

Ale wè, HLLN's position on the elections at:

Standing on Truth, Living without Fear: HLLN's position on foreign-sponsored elections under coup d'etat, dictatorship and occupation | Haitian Perspectives by Marguerite Laurent, October 31, 2005 ... tfear.html

Ale wè what HLLN wrote the day before the elections at: " Fraud anticipated in order to compel a second round " ... 3774#13774

By the way,

ONE LOVE to you too,

Ezili Danto

Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Sun Feb 12, 2006 4:55 am


Zwazo mechan yo ap eseye fE pEp la fache, pou pEp la ka pran lari. Epi, yap kapab voye plis jandam pou swa-dizan met lOd.

Magouy pi rEd, bare vOlE yo

Men anpil, chay pa lou,


Ezili Danto
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Official tally gives Preval 49.6% with 72% stations COUNTED

Post by Ezili Danto » Sun Feb 12, 2006 11:16 am


It's going to look very bad for these coup d'etat folks if they force this nightmare to continue and guarantee themselves the slaughter of more innocent Haitians by forcing Preval into a second round. Not unexpected though, as our lives means nothing to these coup detat folks. The taste of our people's blood already has these parasites salivating.

Leonel wrote:[quote]Ezili,

Zwazo mechan yo ap eseye fè pèp la fache, pou pèp la ka pran lari. Epi, y ap kapab voye plis jandam pou swa-dizan met lòd.

Magouy pi rèd, bare vwa yo

Men anpil, chay pa lou,


Yes indeed Leonel, the people aren't going to lie down while this high-tech theft goes on with OAS/UN/US/Canada/France complicity. Yesterday, they raised their voices, marching pass the National Palace to proclaim Rene Preval's victory
, as you may have first read from the Ezili Danto Witness Project reporting, direct from the streets of Haiti at 12.15pm, Feb. 11, 2006. (See, ... 3925#13925 )

Michelnau, it's not the political suits of any political party who will take back this victory of the people of Haiti that the internationals, along with Haiti's morally repugnant minority, are trying so desperately to negate. It's the poor, ti malere, yes those EMBARASSING-to-you Lavalas Movement folks, who will protest and risk their lives! For that bright future you're talkin' talkin' talkin' about Michelnau

Michelnau wrote[quote]
Preval has a comfortable lead so far, the people had spoken...
The losers (Lavalas, GNBists, e latrye) are going straight to the opposition. So what! This is what they are good for.

This is a new era where LESPWA is in,.... Lavalas out!!! ... 3923#13923 [/quote]

WHO do you think, Michelnau, the Miami Herald is writing about when it wrote, yesterday Preval supporters marched past the National Palace to proclaim his victory. LAVALAS Losers!

Michelnau wrote[quote] …As we are aware of, the coalition Lavalas/MIDH did poorly during the elections. The future of this party is in limbo and no body seems to be interested of reviving it. We are looking at a hot potato that even the left wouldn't touch with a 12 feet pole…. ... 3929#13929[/quote].

Michelnau wrote: [quote]Some parties and candidates of the 0. % groups could soon disappear. (Meaning and equating, specifically
The discredited “Lavalas/MIDH” to Fanmi Lavalas and the Lavalas Movement. ... 3929#13929[/quote]

But Michelnau, how do you ‘xplain that yesterday, the LOSERS were THE "Preval supporters&
quot; who took to the STREETS and marched to the National Palace, asking that their votes for Preval be counted!!!!! Uhhmmmmmmm. Inquiring minds wanna know!

Maybe, Michelnau, you don't know the difference between the Lavalas suits, the renegade Lavalas who signed-up Bazin, from the Lavalas grassroots, or even from the Lavalas MOVEMENT, that is, the movement that got rid of Duvalier and post-Duvalier Movement that stands for empowerment of the people of Haiti, rule by the ballot not the gun and against neoliberalism, the Washington Consensus and FOR Haitian sovereignty, self-determination and self-actualization.

If you don't, I actually explain it fairly well in this CBC Radio Interview. Have a listen Michelnau. (Go to. HLLN's Radio Interview on Preval and Haiti elections - ... 3835#13835)

The corporate media, is also spinning this Preval victory and trying, as HLLN maintained in our position, they would do, to use Prev
al to put the final nail in the coffin of the LAVALAS MOVEMENT and thereby legitimize the coup d'etat.

But Haitians are on everlasting watch over our people and the ancestors' legacy. These desperate divide and conquer tactics WON'T WORK. Nor will divert the attention, of the people of Haiti. These are simply the last futile and desperate political act of the coup d'etat, tonton macoute, Guy Philippe apologists.

VEYE YO! VEYE YO! VEYE YO! Nou sèmante swasanndisèt fwa sèt fwa n ap VEYE YO!

Indeed "Preval's supporters" will be the one protesting if these elections results are negated. As they showed yesterday. Their the same people HLLN has been giving voice to since the coup d'etat, the same people being hunted down because they are supporters of Lavalas. Their are not LOSERS Michelnau. Over10,000 have given their lives so you might sit on the internet with the possibility of a Preval presidency. Each time the people are attempted to be separated from participation in their o
wn countries affairs, by the likes of you Michelnau, know that NOU LA! As Leonel wrote above "Zwazo mechan yo ap eseye fè pèp la fache, pou pèp la ka pran lari. Epi, yap kapab voye plis jandam pou swa-dizan met lòd."

Yes, pèp la, they are being deliberately provoked and I fear Leonel is right, they will die, get imprisoned, tortured, pushed into more misery, so the UN folks will have there job longer ($25 Million a month!); that the wealthy living on their on planet in Haiti behind led gates and their private guards rifle heats and assault weapons will continue their parasitic LIFESTYLES and so also to give those edumacated Haitian suits talkin' talkin' about change but always compromising when their "jobs" is at stake, more room to maneuver and betray our people all over again!!!!

Here's an excerpt from the Miami Herald, Feb 11, 2004 article: "Win for Preval would be stunning defeat for Haiti's political elite" BY JOE MOZINGO.

According to this Miami He
rald: [quote]On Saturday, the official tally gave him 49.6 percent of the votes, with 72 percent of the stations counted. But foreign electoral officials said an independent survey showed Preval received 54 percent of the vote, although the survey has yet to be adjusted for blank ballots, which could reduce each candidate's percentage points slightly.

Preval supporters marched past the National Palace to proclaim his victory. The second-place candidate, former President Leslie Manigat, had a mere 11.58 percent. But with 32 contenders in the race, electoral officials couldn't say whether Preval got the 50 percent needed to avoid a run-off.

The slow pace of the counting for the presidential and legislative elections Tuesday has been stoking tension among Preval supporters, particularly given that the electoral council is controlled by rival parties.

An outright Preval win would be a stunning defeat for a politi
cal elite that hoped to gain power after President Jean-Bertrand Aristide - a fiery former slum priest and Preval's political godfather - fled the country in 2004 as armed rebels moved towards the capital..... ( ... 850800.htm ) [/quote][/quote]

In addition to this Miami Herald latest, one of our sources in Haiti, also confirm a certain Jacques Bernard, CEP member gave the 49.6% number for Preval on 72% of the vote. Haitian Radio in the Diaspora, including Radyo Panou has been having non-stop debates on the matter.

However, there are unconfirmed reports, that Fequiere, another member of the CEP, is reported to have said, in sum, that he does not know what Bernard is talking about since his information is that Preval has the absolute majority (HLLN go this info at 7:44pm Feb. 11, 2006.) Apparently Fequiere has promised he will try to get more information and let people know in the morning. (Sunday, Feb. 12, 2006)

Veye Yo!

Ezili Danto
Feb. 12, 2006 at 10:47am

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