Normand Varieur, Haiti activist

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Normand Varieur, Haiti activist

Post by admin » Thu Jul 17, 2003 9:46 am

Normand Varieur died on Tuesday, July 1, at a nursing facility near his home in New Jersey after a long illness... Normand was 76... Originally from Rhode Island, he was a priest who presided on countless occasions for various Dignity chapters and provided inspiration and wise counsel to many. He was also heavily involved in development and relief work in Haiti, where he traveled many times over the years for extended periods. Normand was an extraordinary and much-loved man, friend, and priest of deep and joyous faith who will be sadly missed.
(excerpted from an article by Jeff Stone)

I had the privilege of meeting Normand Varieur many years ago at a "500 years is enough" conference in Washington, D.C. He was a humble man, whose compassion, devotion, and love of Haiti and her people were extraordinary in a quiet, dignified and persistent manner. I had the
opportunity of meeting with him a few times at monthly gatherings of the Haitian Solidarity Network of the Northeast. Normand was very supportive of the organization's various micro-loan projects in Haiti and understood well that Haitians did not need handouts, but genuine assistance in their community initiatives encompassing economic activity and full human development. He was also supportive of my work of disseminating more positive images of the people of Haiti. Normand will be dearly missed.

Guy S. Antoine

Do as much as you can... whenever you can... for whomever you can... for as long as you can.
- Normand Varieur

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