La Belle Fortune

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La Belle Fortune

Post by admin » Sat Jun 03, 2006 10:26 am

It is my pleasure to report some new contributions to Windows on Haiti, from Jacqueline and Suzanne, two sisters from New Hampshire. But wait... I should link their name to Evelyne from New Hampshire, who contributed earlier.

It's truly a family affair.

I have even met a fourth sister from nearby Massachusetts, who's come the whole way (along with two of her sisters from New Hampshire) to support me and the May 27-28 Haitian Event that I directed.

Financially, and more importantly from a spiritual standpoint, the Lascaze family, with our own Suzanne Simpson leading the way, has been a very strong supporter of Windows on Haiti. They do not talk much... but their support has been unmistakable. Can you imagine, where we would be as a country, if most Haitians had the spirit of quiet but firm solidarity shown by the Lascaze sisters?

I don't know how to thank them, other than to continue to press on!

One thing I can do though is to tell you about a project of theirs, that they have not asked me to advertise. It is worth your attention, however. I get the information from a one-page June 2006 newsletter I have received by mail this week. Please take note of it, and request from them your own newsletter for current or future issues:

La Belle Fortune

Projet de Belle Fortune is designed to promote literacy, that will support higher education which will lead to sustainable and productive employment and generate means for the inhabitants of the village of Belle Fortune to be empowered and become self-sufficient.

Projet De Belle Fortune Board
Alain Ronald Content, Chair
Yvonne Tines-Jones, Secretary
Diane Chase, Treasurer
Tyronne Crawley, Board member
Evelyne Lascaze, Board member
Monique Aubry, Board member
Suzanne Simpson, Board member

The newsletter is published in March, June, September, and December
La Belle Fortune
P.O. Box 1264
Derry, NH 03038

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A Special note (from the Editor of Windows on Haiti and

As I already said, no one has put me up to this, and this is entirely my initiative. Having met the Lascaze sisters, and judging from their unconditional support for Windows on Haiti and the network of solidarity for Haitian communities which is the cause that I am currently promoting, I encourage you to support the Projet de Belle Fortune. 

While I will certainly continue to welcome your contributions to Windows on Haiti, it is quite evident that many of you have been sitting on the fence, encouraging me with your words, even promising financial support occasionally, but not quite getting around to it. Well, so be it. I am happy for what I can get from you. I understand that some of you may wonder as to how I would actually spend your contribution, because the technical and financial aspects of creating and maintaining a high level site are something that are not easy to quantify nor to comprehend. Well, let me tell those of you who love Windows on Haiti, but are fence-sitters: Stop sitting on the fence and contribute instead to another project that you can grasp more easily, because I am going to give you some numbers that will amaze you.

At Projet De Belle Fortune:
- a $25 contribution pays 50% of the education of a child for one full year or 50% of a teacher's salary for a month
- a $5 contribution pays 50% of the education for 2 children for one month
- a $500 contribution will provide 50% scholarship to 20 children for one full year or 50% salary for 2 teachers.

The project promotes self-sufficiency; therefore, it encourages 50% support instead of 100%. The above amounts represent a currency exchange rate of 42 Haitian gourdes per US$. 
Your contribution can be made to Projet De Belle Fortune at this address:

La Belle Fortune
P.O. Box 1264
Derry, NH 03038 

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Post by Guysanto » Thu May 08, 2008 8:37 am

Meet Suzanne Simpson:

She has led this educational project for her birthplace in Haiti with a lot of heart.

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