Meet Anacaona!

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Meet Anacaona!

Post by admin » Tue Dec 06, 2005 11:53 pm

December 7, 2005 - Vol 1 #3

Meet Anacaona!

Who is Rose Michel Edy Saint Fleur?

Rose Michel Edy is the third child of a family of four girls. She was raised by her mother and her late grand-mother. She is a 25 year-old (soon to be 26) student at the State University of New York-Stony Brook, majoring in applied mathematics and statistics with an emphasis on health issues related to psychiatry.

Where did you grow up for the most part? Where do you live now for the most part?

I grew up in Matthieu, a neighborhood of Grande-Rivière de Léogane. Now I reside in Stony Brook, NY. But, I may also be found in Brooklyn NY.

How do your youth experiences relate to your life as an adult?

I am still experiencing my youthful life.

Are you the person that you wanted to be as you grew up?

Yes! Growing up, I wanted to have a career in health care. Later on in life, I wanted to be either a math teacher. Today, my plan is to be a statistician working in the public health area. I think that my career choice is a combination of my childhood dreams.

How did your physical and social environment impact your personal development? Are they conducive today to your own sense of fulfillment?

My social environment pushed me to do better everyday in my life. By constantly being subject to criticism (good or bad), I have been able to set and accomplish my goals.

Tell us about your activities in general and your special interests.

On a daily basis, I spend 4-6 hours at work. Then, I spend about 1.5 hours in class. As soon as I get to my dorm room, I either do my homework while watching TV and listening to music or I eat some food and go straight to bed or I spend sometimes cooking, or I surf the net while my music is on. I enjoy cooking, eating, listening to music, surfing the net and doing some statistical analysis.

What is your perception of the community or communities in which you are currently engaged - or - that you wish to belong to, on a long term basis?

I think that the community that I belong to can and should be better.

What would you consider the biggest challenge to the development or betterment of your community/communities?

The biggest challenge faced by my community (my church) is the difficulty to bring change.

What are your persistent hopes and most frequent fears?

I wish to see some changes in my country (my Haiti). I hope to be a world renowned statistician, a wife and a mother and most importantly, a fellow of the American Statistical Association. My fear is that I will die without seeing any change in my country.

What is your most cherished dream?

I dream everyday of being a research professor.

Now suppose, just suppose, that we grant you ten million dollars for doing this interview, with the stipulation that you must spend it in 24 hours or less, what would you do?

I would pay off my loans, give ¼ to my little sister and invest the rest.

Now suppose, just suppose, that you knew for certain that you had one week (7 days) to live, how would you spend your time?

I would go back to Haiti, try to make a difference in at least one life and enjoy myself.

Is there a world leader (past or present) in any field (arts, science, rights, political, spiritual, etc) that you most admire?

The person that I admire the most is a future scientist. She has been my role model and I always try to follow her footstep in some sense. I admire my sister Shella Saint Fleur-Lominy (Shelony).

Leave us a parting word.

There is something about me that I can never understand. I love school so much that I hate summer vacation and I can't sleep the night before school start. However, I hate school so much that once it starts I can't wait for the first break.


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Post by admin » Wed Dec 07, 2005 5:22 pm

Dear Anacaona,

First, my congratulations to you on presenting yourself so very well for the young adult that you are. It is also obvious that education is of primary importance to you, and you are therefore becoming an excellent role model for our Haitian and Haitian-American youth. I love that picture of you as the graduate. Since you chose it, it appears to reflect your values and priorities at this time.

I was so happy to read this sentence in your profile: "I grew up in Matthieu, a neighborhood of Grande-Rivière de Léogane." Why? Well, personally I do not know Matthieu and it had been a very long time since I'd heard of "Grande-Rivière de Léogane" in lieu of just "Léogane". This shows that you are very proud of where you come from and that you will do your best to honor it. How local can one get? You could have said that you were from Leogane, the city of Cacique Queen Anacaona! While it is obvious that you are also imbued
with the history of your country, based on your forum surname, you seized the opportunity to let all of us know about "Matthieu, a neighborhood of Grande-Rivière de Léogane". Thanks for telling me. It is often said that one learns something every day, well for today, you just taught it to me.

As for the 10 million dollars, after you pay off your loans, and give ¼ (2.5 million!) to your little sister, could you invest in Ann Pale University? It seems to me that you don't know quite what to do with it all. Remember that the stipulation was that you spend it in 24 hours or less, not invest it in stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. So, think about it: wouldn't you want to buy a dream car, a new wardrobe, some diamonds, a big house, a few "villas" here and there on the best beaches, or maybe even an electric generator for every family in Matthieu or all of Léogane? There is a lot you could do with 10 million dollars! But if you insist on investing it, and not spending it, allow me to i
ntroduce you to some very nice young men in my family (... just kidding!)

I can't get over how you have outed Shelony, first as your sister, then with her full identity. I am sure she is thinking "Little sister has such big (...) sometimes". Well, I can't really be too sure, as she is your sister, and I do not really know her. All I can say is that you have both been very nice participants on the forum, and I wish that you both could participate more often.

It is touching that you admire your big sister so much and are willing to say it so publicly. I admire her too, as a future scientist of America. She'll make us proud.

Finally, I savored your parting word: "I love school so much that I hate summer vacation and I can't sleep the night before school start. However, I hate school so much that once it starts I can't wait for the first break." What a perfect way to phrase your restiveness! It means that you cannot stand still. Like the Grande Rivière de Léogane, you will keep on
flowing and flowing, and enriching the fertile fields all around you.

Guy S. Antoine
<Nèg Okap, nèg Dondon tou>


Post by Anacaona_ » Wed Dec 07, 2005 7:29 pm

Thanks Guy for your kind words.

I choose to say that I grew up in Matthieu rather than Léogane because Matthieu is the only place in Haiti that I fully know. I have not been to lots of places outside of Matthieu. For example, I have no idea where ça ira is. I felt that I had to specify where I grew up rather than being vague and say that I am from Léogane.

As for the 10 million dollar question, after giving ¼ to my little sister and paying off my loans, of course I would donate another ¼ to Ann Pale University, Lycée Anacaona de Léogane, Ecole Saint Esprit de Darbonne, Ecole Mixte Henri Christophe de Belle Fortune, Eglise de Dieu de Matthieu. Then, I would probably buy some nice houses (wouldn't it take more than 24 hours to find a decent place?) and do some good stuff for kids in my neighborhood. As for the car, I would be more than happy to buy a car, maybe not my dream car because I don't what it is yet. However, I woul
d need to get myself a driver. Now, let's say that I invest the rest, as long as the money is not in its original state (check or cash or whatever the original state was), can't I argue that I spend it? I don't know how convincing I would be but I think that I could still try. I would also pay tithe.

As for singling out my wonderful sister, I do it out of my love for her. She has truly been inspirational to me all my life. She has been a resource for me throughout my academic career and she still continues to be one. I felt that it was my duty to let people know what she has done for me over the years. She was the first mentor that I ever had, the first tutor that I ever had and I love her for all she has done for me.

P.S. I was going to give money only to my little sister because my big sister is part of Ann Pale. Therefore, she would get her own $10000000 grant for completing the questionnaire. She wouldn't need anything from me and I figured out that she could give part of hers to o
ur other sister. So everyone in the family would be happy.


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