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Post by T-dodo » Fri Jun 10, 2005 7:13 am


Perhaps, you expect the UN to do what Haitians are supposed to do for themselves! How about each involved "power group" be more realistic about their power, their interest and that of the UN, the impact of their decisions on the country and try to improve things based on that knowledge? To expect others to come to your house and clean it without anything in return to them is unreasonable.

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Hi Dunord,

Good to hear from you! (it's been a long time)

Actually, What I had asked you were your observations (in prose) of how Le Cap had changed over the years. For instance, I read recently that there is practically nothing left from the colonial architectural house style, which has been replaced by unsightly three- or four-story cement block apartment dwelling monsters. In addition, I heard that the streets which used to be famous for their cleanliness (they used to be swept before dawn by a "forced labor" prisoner force) are now so littered with trash that a number of them can no longer accommodate any sort of vehicular traffic. What an horror, if that is true! Also, something that I found very peculiar is the disappearance over the years of movie theaters as a public entertainment venues. However, I also know that people may be quicker to point to the bad than the good. So, aside from verifying such claims, I also wante
d to find out whether there were still some endearing qualities to life Au Cap Haitien.

I wasn't expecting photographs, but now that you've mentioned it, sure, they are welcome (once you send them, others will want to follow your example). [Already, if one clicks on "Lakou" on the left pane menu, one can see pictures of Port-à-Piment du Sud.] That is all to the good, but do not forget that what I would like most of all are your written observations of life in Cap-Haitien.

Perhaps a quick update (nothing major) once in a while. If this pick up, I may just add a blog to Windows on Haiti for correspondents who are willing to report on life in Haiti outside the Republic of Port-au-Prince.

Kenbe fèm, gason!


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