Happy Birthday to ya!

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Happy Birthday to ya!

Post by admin » Wed Apr 20, 2005 7:32 am

Well, it will sound like I am tooting my own horn, so what?

What's the use of holding a Conch Shell (yon Kòn Lanbi) in your hands and not blowing in it?

It's not like you would remember if I told you yesterday (I probably did).

But I will not let this day go by, without saying: Happy Birthday, Windows on Haiti ! ! ! ! ! ! !

(Count the exclamation points. They are candles.)

It's time to begin thinking about a transition. Because, after so many birthdays, it starts to get lonely in this office. Help me think of a transition, while I "koule yon ti chanpay sou pwòp tèt mwen" (pour a little bit of champagne on my head) because this website has
had a life of its own, and like John Paul II, I must look to more serene skies. Who will be my Ratzinger?

But there are still features to implement, there is still a lot more work to do in the next few months.

And a conclave of good friends on Ann Pale to share with my ideals for a new Haiti and theirs too.

May the Windows offer Hope amid the despair, Beauty amid the wretchedness, Courage amid the desolation, Solidarity in the midst of our divisions, and new horizons on Truth and Justice.

I have sought to " open the windows that the lies may fly out ". To whatever extent I may have succeeded (even if in a small way), it's worth taking stock to savor the moment.

Happy Birthday, once again, but to all of you!

Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Thu Apr 21, 2005 2:38 am

Happy Birthday Windows on Haiti.

I can not add anything else. For, my Brothers and Sister already did...

Perseverance and Dedication can make someone look Crazy to others:

Neg sa fou pou l pEdi tout tan sa pou yon bagay.

Well, when you look at this Masterpiece. Then, one can realize that the Architect is a real Genius. We will try to keep this Piece of Art and this wonderful University.

I will never stop saying it: Thank you Guy and his wonderful Wife (The other driving force to this realization). She is also another driving force of WOH, the unsung Hero...

Thank you, guys!

L'union fait la force,


Post by Gelin_ » Thu Apr 21, 2005 4:10 pm

Guy, pou ou menm, madanm ou ak tout lòt moun ki ede w mete kanpe epi kenbe WOH, m swete nou tout plis siksè toujou.

Granmoun lontan di <I>djondjon pa vyann men bouyon l bon</I>. Se menm bagay la m ka di pou fowòm sa a: nou youn pa ka gade lòt nan je, nou youn pa ka bay lòt lanmen, men potekole nou fè yo rafrechi memwa nou tout.

Bon fèt epi kenbe la,



Post by T-dodo » Sat Apr 23, 2005 11:09 am

Happy Birthday to WOH! Congratulations to Guy!

It is too bad, our country does not produce enough men like you, Guy. It is hard to find words to add to what those who replied before me expressing not only the value of WOH, but also the character and quality of the man behind it. Guy, whether it was on Corbett or here, your actions make us proud of being haitian.

My first post on WOH was in 1998. Guy had a section called "SONJE." He was asking all he knew, who like to write, to post stories for WOH. I was flattered that he gave me the opportunity to post on the site. Since he was one of the best writers on the Corbett list, it was easy to follow him.

At the time, WOH was my only windows on Haiti on the Internet. In fact, it was the only haitian website I know existed. This was the early years of the Internet. The coolest thing on the Internet at that time was IM (instant message). Yet, Guy had the vision to start the site an
d offer a piece of the haitian culture. You could find on WOH, among other things, lyrics of haitian folkloric and children songs, haitian history, haitian art, recipes of favorite haitian dishes, news, editorials - he wrote a lot of them during that time. He wanted the site to preserve the haitian cultural heritage, and at the same time, improve its image abroad. Considering he was using his own money to do this, it was a very audacious undertaking.

In the spirit of celebrating the early days of WOH, I am going to post on another thread in the COMMUNITY forum a 1999 post and ask you to compare our perspective then and the results as they are seen today.

Happy Birthday WOH. I hope that somehow Guy manages to find enough motivation to continue that work.


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