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Haiti Once Again

Posted: Tue May 07, 2013 10:42 pm
by Gelin
When I published my little book on Haiti last year, I had no idea the same pseudo-scientific approach that tried to blame Haiti and Haitians for the spread of HIV/AIDS in the West was going to be used again for Cholera brought to the country by UN forces. Here is how it went...

"...In 2010, Cholera was reported in Haiti and in one year it had killed around 6,000 people and infected more than 400,000 (24). Previously absent in the country, the disease was found to be imported and connected with a battalion of UN soldiers from the country of Nepal - a place where a recent outbreak was recorded (25)...But I suspect a few years from now, a small group of experts somewhere may try to rewrite the narrative in an effort to 'show' that the disease was already present in the country - contrary to the known and observed facts of the this case. It is my opinion that something similar happened to Haiti concerning HIV/AIDS..." - page 30;

Chapter 7 - The AIDS Stigma. Haiti Once Again (2012) - ... zqugAACAAJ

Here we go...

[...What can this mean? It's not clear, but the leader of the team, Rita Colwell, thinks cholera germs have been lurking undetected in the Haitian environment for a long time..."This suggests that it's very likely that local (Haitian) strains are involved," Colwell told Shots. "Because no one has tested for pathogenic cholera strains in that country before, we have no evidence that it wasn't there already." ] - ... t-to-haiti

Re: Haiti Once Again

Posted: Wed Dec 25, 2013 9:01 am
by Gelin
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